Non-surgical butt augmentation

Non-surgical butt augmentation

30th Mar 2019


Nowadays we are more and more interested in improving the appearance of our bodies in a less invasive way. Many people are looking for non-surgical butt augmentation methods, just like they are looking to increase the size of their breasts without using implants.

When it comes to the appearance of the butt, you should know that the shape and size are genetic, but the appearance of the buttocks is also affected by the lifestyle of the patient over time. Someone with an active lifestyle who exercises on a daily basis might manage to sustain a nice appearance of the behind for longer than a person who is in an office job and spends most of the time sitting down on a chair.

Butt augmentation is often desired by patients with a small or flat butt. It is the impressive projection of the upper part of the butt that we see in celebrities that makes us daydream about having a round and larger butt. Many celebrities showing off impressive buttocks say they have been blessed with it, while others mention help from plastic surgery. So are there any non-surgical butt augmentation techniques?

Many athletes swear on working out their glutes into perfection. This would be a sweaty but non-surgical butt augmentation technique that can be used by many. But does it provide the promised results? Flexing the glutes on a daily basis and even multiple times a day can indeed tone the muscles and give the butt a more firm and toned appearance. Working out releases endorphins and can help the patient get fit and even lose weight. But the butt is also made of fat tissue. And when it comes to the anatomy of women, it is often this adipose tissue that makes the butt look so appealing. Moreover, you should know that the muscles are only on the upper part of the butt, so if you want a nice round shape, then fat tissue is needed.

But working out those glutes often means burning the fat that is in the area. Women who are into sports often get butt and breast implants to get the features of their dreams. So unfortunately, physical exercises are not the best solution for all patients interested in butt augmentation.

A procedure that is less invasive than butt implant surgery and provides great results with minimal risks is fat transfer. The procedure should be performed only by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility; however it is less invasive and requires minimal incisions.

When fat transfer is performed, the plastic surgeon will reshape the donor areas with liposuction, process the fat and then transfer it to the buttocks to create more volume and a nicer shape.


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