Offering plastic surgery as a gift

Offering plastic surgery as a gift

26th Jun 2019

Offering plastic surgery as a gift



A few decades ago plastic surgery was reserved only for the rich and famous, but also often frowned upon as its results were considered a false beauty. Nowadays things have changed tremendously. Plastic surgery is considered a method to improve the aesthetic appearance or correct imperfections that is used by many, both men and women of different ages. Most plastic surgeons will offer multiple payment options, and now patients can even take loans to undergo plastic surgery. This means that the procedures are more and more available and affordable even for patients with average incomes. 

More than this opening towards the benefits of plastic surgery, more and more people nowadays are giving or receiving plastic surgery procedures as a gift. In this article, we will discuss offering plastic surgery as a gift and the different shapes it takes.


Offering plastic surgery as a gift for children

Seoul, South Korea is known by many as the world capital of plastic surgery. The city hosts over 500 plastic surgery centers, and data shows that in South Korea, people have the most plastic surgery procedures per person in the world. However, the procedures that are very much in demand here are not the ones that are popular among plastic surgery patients in the United States. In South Korea, the most desired procedure is blepharoplasty as many people want to get rid of the native appearance of their eye. Many perceive the western appearance of the eyelids as a sign of beauty, but there are also voices commenting about the idealization and globalization of the occidental standards of beauty. 

In Korea, parents often offer plastic surgery as a gift for their children, especially when finishing college and before going to university. It is a gift so common that everybody is used to it and expects this to happen. Of course, this is a cultural thing.

Plastic surgery as a gift for children is not as popular in the United States; however, there are cases. We are not talking here about procedures performed to correct visible imperfections that can lead to bullying and a low quality of life for the patient. These procedures can be performed on children as young as five or six years old. Usually, surgery is scheduled before the child is enlisted in school. The very mediatized cases of children receiving plastic surgery as a gift often involved a celebrity. For example, Sarah Burge was a woman from the UK that was so into plastic surgery procedures that her behavior and appearance often made the news. She admitted to offering her 8-year-old daughter plastic surgery vouchers for her birthday. Whether this is wise or ethic or the effect these kinds of gifts might have on children, the subject is up for debate.


Plastic surgery for a partner

From time to time we will have pre-operative consultations with women who received plastic surgery as a gift from their partners. In a vast majority of cases, we are talking about breast augmentation with implants. These patients often want to undergo the procedure to make their partners happy. However, there are also patients who desired the procedure and are very happy to receive it as a gift. As is the case with many things in life, there are different aspects to each issue. 

When plastic surgery comes as an unrequested gift and the patient is not overly interested in having the procedure done but will go forward with it just to make the partner happy, we make it a priority to emphasize on the risks and complications associated with undergoing plastic surgery. The procedure can alter the appearance of your body forever, and there can be long-term consequences to deal with, maybe years after your relationship with the current partner has ended. It is important to understand what you are subjecting yourself to when it comes to undergoing a certain procedure and whether this is worth it for you.

Offering and receiving plastic surgery as a gift is always a very delicate topic, and we advise patients to be very careful when making the decision to undergo plastic surgery at the suggestions of others. Keep in mind that the only one who is responsible for your wellbeing after the procedure is you and you alone. The patient is also the only one who will have to deal with potential complications if they occur.


Plastic surgery: A gift you give yourself

If the topic of offering plastic surgery as a gift are delicate and stand for debate, there is a type of plastic surgery as a gift that certainly will be well-received: the gift you give yourself. 

Nowadays more and more women are looking at plastic surgery as a solution to their aesthetic problems. The reality is that many patients mention a considerable boost of self-esteem after undergoing plastic surgery and how this improved the quality of their lives. Sometimes, the simple fact that you enhance one feature of the body can help you eliminate the physical and emotional discomfort associated with that imperfection. Here are just a few of the procedures that women undergo as a gift for themselves:


–    Mommy Makeover

This is actually a batch of procedures that are performed on women who had one or multiple pregnancies and had their appearance affected by it. After pregnancy, women can be left with an unsightly appearance of the tummy and breasts and also unwanted fat pockets in different areas of the body that are resistant to physical exercises and diets. The Mommy Makeover procedure was developed to help these women achieve the body they can be proud of in one operation. The procedure is customizable depending on the needs of the patient, but it often includes a breast lift with or without implants, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. The procedure is meant to help women remove the signs of multiple pregnancies and get an appearance that is fit and youthful. 


–    Liposuction

Liposuction is another procedure many women give themselves to enhance the shape of the body. While the procedure is not a weight loss method and only recommended for patients with a normal weight that has been stable for a minimum of six months, the procedure can help the patient look slimmer and get a better contour of the body and curves. Most commonly, patients choose to undergo abdominal liposuction that removes stubborn fat pockets from the abdominal wall and the flanks. 


–    Breast augmentation 

Nowadays breast augmentation can be performed with silicone or saline solution implants or with the transfer of the patient’s own fat cells to the breasts. Both methods are safe and deliver good results. The plastic surgeon will recommend the best method for your particular case depending on your aesthetic goals and your current anatomy.


–    Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a new procedure, but very much in demand over the last few years. The procedure can help patient get the buttocks of her dreams with minimum complications. The plastic surgeon will collect fat from areas where it is in excess via liposuction, hence sculpting the body furthermore. The fat collected is then processed and reinjected into the buttocks to give them a shapelier appearance and more volume. In some cases, repeated procedures might be necessary to get a more considerable augmentation with this method. The recovery period is often short and uneventful, with the only discomfort of not being able to sit on the buttocks or lie on the back for three weeks to avoid the death of the fat cells transferred.


–    Tummy tuck

A popular procedure for women who had multiple pregnancies or considerable weight fluctuations, the tummy tuck can be used to restore the beautiful appearance of the abdomen by removing the excess skin and strengthening loose abdominal muscles. The procedure is safe and entails a scar that can go from one hip bone to the other in the suprapubic area.



Plastic surgery can be offered as gifts to children and even loved ones, however, probably the best gift of plastic surgery is the gift you give yourself. When it comes to plastic surgery, the patient is the only one responsible for her well-being after the procedure. The procedures entail a recovery period that can be associated with pain and other discomforts, and can also leave behind different marks on the body such as scars that will never go away. Before scheduling the plastic surgery procedure you received as a gift, it is important to take the time and weigh in the pros and cons and think whether you are having the procedure for yourself or to make someone else happy.


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