Options for correcting sagging buttocks

Options for correcting sagging buttocks

15th Nov 2017

Who does not dream of having a perfectly shaped butt? We aren’t narcissists, but we do share a normal interest in our appearance, specifically, our figure. One of the most sensitive topics related to this is the buttocks. Why sensitive? Some of us are born with a naturally sexy shape of the buttocks, amazing curves and an alluring projection that makes heads turn. Others have not been so fortunate, like those of the V-shaped buttocks, where the line from hips to butt angle inward to form a V. Still, with age, passage of time and a sedentary lifestyle, even the sexiest butt can become saggy and unattractive.

The good news is that there are options like plastic surgery procedures that can correct the sagginess of the buttocks, and help you achieve an amazing looking butt.

What are the common shapes of the buttocks?

The buttock augmentation is an interesting domain of plastic surgery. The main categories of buttock shapes are:

– The A-shaped buttocks, considered the most beautiful of them all;

– A wide, rectangular buttocks;

– The V-shaped buttocks;

– The round- shaped buttocks.

It is generally accepted that from an aesthetic point of view, a nice buttock is defined by its curves at all the right places especially between the back and the butt. The waistline is small and well defined, and the hips flare and curve with no fat excess at the waist to emphasize the appearance of the buttocks.

The hourglass shape is the most desired woman’s figure, probably since the beginning of time. It can only be achieved if the proportions between the shoulders, waist and hips are in perfect accord and the buttock has that curvaceous appeal. This is one of the reasons why women from all over the world request buttock surgery every year.

What are the common options for buttock remodeling?

When confronted with sagging buttocks, women tend to turn to relentless exercise regimen, believing that this is the answer to their problems. Unfortunately, physical exercises and sports can only achieve so much. The sagging of the buttocks can rarely be efficiently corrected through exercise, but sports can certainly help you maintain the beautiful result you achieved after plastic surgery.

With the help of plastic surgery, we can add volume to the buttocks that are flat and sagging or, in the case of patients with enough volume on their butt, we can correct the sagginess with a buttock lifting procedure.

The traditional method to remodeling the buttocks is through physical exercises that work on the consolidation and tightening of the butt muscles. This activity combines aerobic exercises with Pilates, yoga, and even weight lifting. Usually, these activities are also associated with dieting in order to eliminate the surplus weight on the thighs and waist. Truth be told, even if doing all these eliminates the excess kilos, the buttocks will still remain flat and saggy.

Fat transfer to the buttocks

One of the most innovative methods to remodel the butt and correct the sagginess is fat transfer to the buttocks.

The great advantage of this procedure is that it uses the patient’s own fat, thus eliminating the risk of the body rejecting it and it addresses areas of the body where there is excess, unwanted adipose tissues. The patient should keep in mind that during this intervention, there will be a need to inject a larger quantity of fat because the body will reabsorb some and only a part of it will stay in the buttocks.

This method involves liposuction of areas of the body where there is excess fat. Some plastic surgeons will base the price for the procedure on the number of areas where liposuction needs to be performed, but this is not really the best method. The purpose of the fat transfer to the buttocks is to harvest as much fat as needed to perform the augmentation and correct the sagginess and other imperfections. The liposuction and the injection of the fat into the buttocks are performed under general anesthetic. After the fat is extracted, it will be processed, and the blood and other bodily liquids will be separated from the pure fat and eliminated. Only purified fat is reinjected into the target areas of the buttocks, usually, in the butt muscles to increase the integration capacities. It is also important to keep in mind that after surgery, you will be advised to avoid sitting for a few weeks to allow for complete and proper healing. This remodeling system offers amazing results by increasing the fat tissue on the buttocks and creating projection and definition of the butt.

Silicone butt implants to correct sagginess

Another buttock reshaping method is silicone implants. This intervention usually requires a transversal incision a few centimeters long in the buttocks crease, through which the doctor will create the pockets to insert the gluteal implants. The silicone butt implants are usually placed under the butt muscles.

Whatever the method you will choose to remodel the buttocks and correct the sagginess, be it a surgical option or not, it is crucial to keep in mind that additional measures should be done in order to achieve the best results and to prolong the results. We are talking here about drinking enough water to keep the skin hydrated, eating food with less fat, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed meat and fried food.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon

Just like any plastic surgery procedure such as buttock remodeling intervention, it is very important for the patient to make sure that the plastic surgeon who will perform the surgery is a specialist with a lot of experience under his belt. Nowadays, more and more people with no proper medical instruction or with no experience in performing butt enhancement procedures are taking up the task of performing surgery or using different types of injections that are supposed to augment the buttocks or to correct the sagginess. The reality is that even a plastic surgeon that is well versed in, let’s say, face lifts, might not provide the same results as a plastic surgeon that has performed hundreds of buttock interventions. It is always a good idea to check the background of the plastic surgeon you are interested in, and ask to see before and after pictures so you can gauge his expertise.

An experienced and reputable plastic surgeon can sometimes be a guarantee of not just the success of the intervention, but for the prevention of the unnecessary risks of buttock surgery.

It must be underscored that choosing a plastic surgeon based on the cheapest cost is not such a great idea. You might think you are saving money by doing so, but oftentimes, you might end up spending much more on revision surgery and fighting the potential complications that may arise during and after surgery.

Correcting the buttock sagginess is not an easy job. It is, in fact, a complex intervention. In some cases, a combination of plastic surgery procedures might be required to improve the appearance of the butt and help the patient achieve the buttock shape she has always wanted. Combining gluteal implants with fat transfer is a commonly performed procedure in our practice. By using the silicone butt implants we can achieve the desired projection while with the help of liposuction and fat transfer we can create the dream buttock shape, as well as improve the appearance of the waist, lower back, hips and thighs.


Sagging buttocks and the lack of firmness of the butt is an issue that concerns many women, even from early ages. The genetic influence, external factors such as passage of time as well as our own lifestyle choices can negatively impact on the appearance of the buttock.

The options for correcting sagging buttocks are fat transfer to the buttocks, gluteal implants surgery or a combination of the two procedures. The plastic surgery methods are the only ones that can provide visible results that last in time. Sports and exercises can help with the sagginess of the buttocks, not to correct, but rather to help you maintain the results of the surgery.

Living a healthy and balanced life, avoiding sitting too much and getting enough exercise should help you maintain the results of the plastic surgery for the buttocks and prevent sagginess from reccurring.

Keep in mind that choosing an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon to perform your buttock intervention, is crucial for the success and for getting the best results out of the surgery. In trying to choose the cheaper alternative, you may end up spending more for revision surgery or dealing with the post operative complications.

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