Options for correcting the shape and volume of the buttocks

Options for correcting the shape and volume of the buttocks

03rd Dec 2019



Nowadays men and women alike want to have bigger, rounder, more alluring buttocks. Some try physical exercises and special diets, while others understand early on that the only effective method to increase the size of the buttocks comes from plastic surgery. Don’t be surprised to find out that even fitness pros are getting implants to enhance their behind. 

The reality is that there is only so much that we can do with exercise and diets when it comes to the aesthetics of the buttocks. The results that can be achieved using these methods are highly dependent on the initial condition of the tissues of the buttocks and also genetic predisposition. Some people tend to accumulate fat in the buttocks and hips while others will develop fat deposits mostly on the upper part of the body, tummy, flanks, and back. We can’t fight genetics with exercise; however, we can achieve an improvement in the buttocks with the help of plastic surgery.

In this article, we will discuss correcting the shape and volume of the buttocks with plastic surgery and the procedures that are available nowadays. 


Structure of the buttocks

For people who want to resort to different methods before trying plastic surgery, it is important to know the structure of the buttocks. This should help them understand what other methods might provide good results in terms of enhancing the buttocks and what won’t be very efficient. 

The buttocks are made out of skin tissue, fat, and gluteal muscles. The gluteal muscles are on the upper part of the buttocks, and these are toned when using physical exercises. The fat tissue is localized all over the buttocks under the skin. To increase the size of the buttocks, we can either increase the muscle or the fat layer. To make the muscles bigger, we can use physical exercise, but it can take a very long time and an effort that not many are able to put in to correct the shape of the buttocks and increase the volume. For considerable change to occur, the individual should probably train for a few hours every day and have a good instructor. Also, the diet to keep while performing physical exercises to increase the muscular mass on the buttocks should be a special one. However, if you naturally have smaller buttocks, chances are your buttocks will get more toned but will still be small, as the fat tissue on the buttocks will be burnt when exercising. 

At the same time, to increase the size of the buttocks, one can choose to add more fat to the layer already existing. This sounds like something easy to do: just eat more, gain weight, and the results are guaranteed. But in reality, things don’t work like this. When we gain weight, the fat is distributed all over the body or according to genetic predisposition. This means that there are people who can gain weight only for it to go on the thighs and tummy instead of the buttocks and hips. We can’t control the way we accumulate weight, unfortunately, and this is why this method is never a good idea to try. 

However, we can use plastic surgery to do exactly what is difficult or impossible to do with physical exercise and diet: add more volume to the muscles and add more volume to the fat layer in the buttocks. 


Solutions to correct size and shape of the buttocks

There are two methods that we can use to correct the size and shape of the buttocks, and these via implants or fat transfer. Other solutions such as liposuction and the butt lift can be performed on the buttocks, but in a vast majority of cases, these two procedures will be recommended by the plastic surgeon as the optimal surgical plan to enhance the buttocks.

Implants add more volume to the muscles. To get bigger buttocks we need either bigger muscles or a more considerable layer of fat. When butt implant surgery is performed, we get an increase in the size of the gluteal muscles because they will accommodate the silicone implants. The plastic surgeon makes incisions on the intragluteal fold and creates a pocket inside or under the gluteal muscles where he inserts the implants. After this, the incisions are sutured, and the procedure is considered completed. 

When implants are used to augment the size of the buttocks, what we actually achieve is a more impressive projection of the buttocks. The gluteal implants are positioned in the upper part of the buttocks, so this means that after inserting the implants it is just the upper part of the buttocks that will be bigger, while there will be little changes in terms of the shape and contour of the buttocks. This is the reason why it is recommended to follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon when it comes to choosing the size of the implants as they really need to be suitable for your body shape and characteristics. Otherwise, your butt might look like you have a frisbee inserted in it. 

Implants are recommended for patients with little or no excess of fat on other areas of the body and who want a considerable increase in the projection of the buttocks. For patients interested in refining the shape of the buttocks while also getting a moderate augmentation, the plastic surgeon might recommend fat grafting.

To be eligible for the Brazilian butt lift, the patient needs to have an excess of fat on the tummy, flanks, thighs, and even the back. These unwanted fat deposits will be addressed with liposuction in the first stage of the procedure. The fat collected in this manner will go through a thorough purification process until all the damaged fat cells, blood, and other impurities are eliminated, and only the healthy, pure fat cells are left behind. These cells will be injected into the buttocks with the help of a special syringe. Very small incisions will be needed for transfer, and this is one of the advantages as it leaves behind insignificant scarring. 

When the injections to the buttocks are performed, the plastic surgeon will target different areas of the buttocks and inject the fat at different depths inside the buttocks, including inside the muscles. This increases the chances of the fat cells surviving after the transfer. 

Fat transfer is performed mostly on patients who want an overall improvement in the appearance of the buttocks. The plastic surgeon can correct the shape of the buttocks, and even a minor sagginess can be improved by using this procedure. Keep in mind that it is important to have this procedure performed by a talented, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. The experience routinely increases the chances of satisfactory results. 



When it comes to getting bigger, rounder, more appealing buttocks, there are two viable methods that can be used nowadays. One entails incisions on the intragluteal fold that will be used to create a pocket where silicone implants will be inserted. The other method is called the Brazilian butt lift or fat grafting to the buttocks, and it entails the use of the patient’s own tissue to increase volume and refine shape. The procedures are both safe and efficient and can be used as stand-alone procedures or combined, depending on the recommendations of the plastic surgeon and the expectations of the patient. There is a pre-operative period during which the patients need to prepare and also a postoperative stage during which patients are advised to strictly follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to make sure they achieve satisfactory results and the complications are avoided. 

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