Options to correct breast asymmetry

Options to correct breast asymmetry

23rd May 2017

Asymmetrical breasts are more common than what most people believe. Almost all women have breast asymmetry; it may simply not be apparent as others. It is perfectly normal for the breast to be asymmetrical as it is nearly impossible to have exactly symmetrical breasts without any procedure or augmentation. Despite breast asymmetry being commonplace amongst women, there are still some instances that you might want them to be corrected. When the breast asymmetry is quite obvious and negatively affecting your daily life, then a corrective procedure might just be the answer.

There are several ways to surgically correct the asymmetry of the breast. The procedure will depend on the current situation of the patient, as well as their desired outcome. Undergoing cosmetic surgery doesn’t guarantee that the breast will become perfectly symmetrical after the procedure, but it will definitely help improve the symmetry.

The first option in correcting an asymmetrical breast is the utilization of breast implants. If one breast is larger than the other, surgeons can decide to use breast implants of varying sizes in order to balance the size difference. Having a slightly smaller implant on the bigger breast can still give the breast an augmentation while simultaneously correcting the asymmetry.

The second method involves performing liposuction on the breast. In liposuction, fat is removed from the breasts to make them appear more symmetrical. Due to the fact that the breast stores a lot of fat, the liposuction can be a good procedure in helping with the asymmetry. Patients should understand that liposuction only removes fat and it doesn’t deal with the sagging. When the fat is removed, the skin may sag, which is why it is recommended to use the liposuction procedure if the amount of fat to be removed is not significant.

A breast lift or a surgical breast reduction can also help improve the symmetry of the breast. With a breast reduction, the excess skin, fat and tissue will be removed. The breast will be reshaped and lifted to produce more aesthetically pleasing breasts which will be more symmetrical with each other.

Fat grafting to the breast is another surgical procedure that can be done to correct the asymmetry of the breast. The fat can be sourced in different parts of the body where there is an abundant or excess amount. It will then be transferred to the breast in varying amounts to be able to compensate for the size and shape of the breast in order to make it more symmetrical. The fat is used to fill up some parts of the breast where it seems to be lacking in volume.

Each of these methods helps to obtain more symmetrical breasts. It is also highly possible that surgeons will make use of, not just one, but a combination of surgical procedures in order to get the desired result. As an example, patients can have a breast augmentation with implants in conjunction with a breast lift for a superior result. It is best to discuss these things with a certified and experienced surgeon, particularly in regards to dealing with your specific case so that they can figure out the required surgeries to achieve more symmetrical breasts.


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