Otoplasty for Children

Otoplasty for Children

05th Feb 2014

Children with ear deformities or malformations do not have to endure the teasing of other kids. As a parent, you only want what is best for your child. Kids can easily lose their self-confidence and become victims of bullying just because their ears are “sticking out”.

When is the best time for kids to undergo ear surgery?

Children’s ears are usually fully developed when they reach the age of 4. Thus, there is no reason to delay the surgery. It is best to deal with the issue as soon as possible. You have to make the decision early on so your child’s development won’t be affected by negative self-image and lack of confidence.

At this point, you are not focusing on aesthetics or vanity, but on something more important – your child’s future and what is right for him or her.

Why should kids have ear surgery at a young age?

First, the cartilage is very flexible, which makes shaping easier for the cosmetic surgeon. This means that there is a high success rate when the procedure is done at a young age. Next, you don’t want your child to experience all the ridicule while he or she is growing up. Otoplasty has tremendous psychological benefits, which is a good reason never to delay it.

What can the plastic surgeon correct?

The doctor can fix malformed ears like those that are large and protruding. Earlobes that are torn or stretched can also be fixed with ear surgery. Folded ear tips or lop ears can be corrected. Ears that do not have natural creasing can also benefit from otoplasty.

There are several techniques that can fix these irregularities. It is important to discuss these techniques with a plastic surgeon during consultation.

Your child deserves to live a happy life. If your kid needs to undergo ear surgery in Houston, contact Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés for an initial consultation. Dr. Cortés has performed numerous ear surgeries and can help your child live a normal life through otoplasty.

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