Otoplasty – When’s the Right Age to Treat Kids?

Otoplasty – When’s the Right Age to Treat Kids?

14th Dec 2014


For millions of kids, childhood is blighted by the common problem of over-prominent ears. The lives of kids are tough enough already, and those with ear abnormalities find it even more difficult. As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids and the idea of putting them through surgery can be a tough thought to bear. However, at the same time you also understand that if there’s a procedure out there that can help, it’s one you should at least check out.

Otoplasty is the procedure where overly prominent ears are effectively ‘pinned back’ through minimally invasive surgery. Results can be tailored to the wishes of the patient and his or her parents. These kinds of treatments are usually left until later stages of a young person’s development, but when considered strictly logically and objectively, it can be in the child’s best interests to act early.

First, the sooner the ear problem is corrected, the faster confidence and bullying issues are addressed. Second, it’s much easier for younger children to go through such procedures with less stress and fear than older children. And finally, the ears of children are much easier to work with during their earlier years than later on due to the higher flexibility of the ear’s cartilage and faster recovery times. Kids as young as four years old are perfect candidates for otoplasty and are in most cases guaranteed a speedier recovery than their older counterparts.

Here at Rejuvenaesthetics, we’re all about the individual and therefore recommend a full consultation prior to reaching a final decision.

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