Oval or round butt implants?

Oval or round butt implants?

29th Sep 2017

The use of buttock implants for enhancement is a trendy procedure in the US at the moment. Every year, a large number of women undergo butt implant surgery to enhance their buttocks and boost their self-confidence as a result. Butt implants are made of highly durable, semi-solid silicone material. They can withstand immense force and pressure, which is why they are immune to ruptures.

During the surgery, your plastic surgeon places incisions on your butt and inserts the prosthetic devices inside. Your buttocks gain projection and better shape as a result. With the improvement in plastic surgery technologies, choices for butt enhancement have widened. This is particularly good news for patients considering the butt augmentation procedure. Now there are a variety of options to help enhance their booties. However, at times having many options can be overwhelming.

One of the common questions asked by patients is, “Should I have the oval or round butt implant?” It is an important question; however, there is no standard answer for all patients. Whether you should get oval or round implant depends on a number of factors, such as your aesthetic goals and desires, the aesthetic flaws in your butt, the shape you want to achieve, and your anatomy.

In my practice, round implants are very common. The reasons are multiple. Round implants are extra lenient in case your butt faces a trauma after the implant procedure. Should the implant be displaced or shifted, it would not significantly change the aesthetic of your buttocks. Additionally, round implants offer a better aesthetic view. Most patients who have had round implants report being satisfied with their new look.

On the other hand, oval implants are also effective. Depending on your aesthetic goals and expectations, your plastic surgeon may recommend oval implants. However, I use them only when I strongly believe they hold more benefits for you. The bad news is that oval implants are prone to implant displacement or shifting, which results in changed butt shape.

Moreover, oval implants tend to raise more of the low-lying areas of your buttocks. However, that is very trivial and not worthy of the additional risks. It is important for patients to share their aesthetic goals and expectations with their plastic surgeons before making a decision. Also, your plastic surgeon is in a better position to understand your goals and problems, so you should count on his expert opinion and recommendation when it comes to selecting a butt implant shape and size.

That being said, round implants are the most recommended type. If your buttocks are smaller, flatter, poorly shaped, mildly saggy, or asymmetrical, round implants will effectively resolve the problem. After the surgery, your buttocks will appear rounder, perkier, bigger, toned, and voluptuous. Oval implants do not offer all of these benefits at once. Furthermore, the risk of complications is lower for patients who get round implants.

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