Pain after breast implants surgery

Pain after breast implants surgery

27th Dec 2016


Women from all over the world are choosing breast implant surgery. This is out of a desire to look better, but also as a necessity. Whatever the reason might be, the recovery period is the issue that raises the most questions.

The success of the breast implants surgery depends both on the talent and experience of the plastic surgeon, as well as the patient’s ability to follow the post-operative recommendations.

Healing is a gradual process that can take up to one year. This depends on the patient and the complexity of the intervention. After the intervention, it is recommended to reduce strenuous physical activity and sun exposure for at least six months. Wearing the girdle is mandatory for about two months after the operation.


Recovery After the Breast Implants Surgery

The patient who undergoes the breast implants procedure will easily be able to resume social activities. The patient can go home twelve hours after the surgery. In the days following, gentle arm movements and short walks are acceptable. The body needs time to heal and it is important to remember this. About a week after the procedure, the patient can return to work, but again, this depends on the type of work.

A few potential complications are possible during the recovery period. These include allergic reactions, bleeding, hematoma, or infection. A more delayed risk is represented by the capsular contraction, which that can generate pain and discomfort.

Most interventions won’t present complications during the healing process, but the risks are still there. If the plastic surgeon is made aware of them as soon as possible, they can be alleviated. This is one of the reasons we recommend periodic visits to the medical facility at a week, a month, and three months after the breast implants surgery.

Patients who had breast implant surgery are more frequently confronted with inflammation and a pain sensation. In these cases, the patient can be helped through the use of analgesic medication. Changes in the sensitivity of the nipple and areola complex can also occur, but they usually disappear on their own in a few weeks.

For a few days after the breast augmentation procedure with implants, it is possible to feel pain. The pain sensation can be more intense when the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle. For up to five days post-operatively, you will be required to take pain medication. After a week, most patients say they are completely pain-free.

In order to have your bandages changed, you can visit the clinic where you had your surgery. Your sutures will be removed in seven to ten days, depending on the opinion of the plastic surgeon, and the appearance of the wound.

As we have mentioned, after the procedure, the plastic surgeon will recommend wearing an elastic girdle that will help with the recovery process and reduce the inflammation. Your doctor will decide how long the girdle is to be worn.


Recommendations After the Breast Implants Surgery

The indications of massage after the intervention are varied and in direct association with the clinic’s procedures and the type of breast implants used. Some doctors don’t recommend massage. Still, the massaging of the scar with special gels or creams is not optional.

Showering after the breast implants surgery can be done immediately.

The first day after the implants surgery, your doctor will advise you to rest, especially in a laying down position. For the first few days, you should have someone help you with the chores around the house and the children, if you have any.

Ten to fourteen days after the intervention you will be able to conduct all your daily activities by yourself. Of course, it all depends whether you are still in pain or not. About six weeks after the surgery it is still advisable to avoid raising your arms in a horizontal position, especially if the implant was placed under the pectoral muscle.

More difficult chores and activities such as object lifting, strenuous physical exercises are recommended only after at least two months have passed, and only while wearing the compression girdle. Engaging in intimate relations should be done with care.

In order to ensure a satisfactory result, avoiding sun exposure after the surgery is mandatory. Sun can cause skin discoloration. Although the scars will be hidden in the natural folds of the body, you might not be happy with their change in color. For at least half a year after the intervention, the scars need to be protected with band aids or with sun protection creams.

After three months from the intervention date, we can consider the result of the breast augmentation as permanent. There are cases of patients with delayed wound healing or who develop other complications, but these are too rare to mention here. The final result will be visible about a year after the procedure.



After the operative process, you might discover that the skin on your breasts is quite dry, so you should apply daily creams and gels to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Always be careful and avoid trauma to the area when performing certain moves or touching the suture area.

It is crucial to let your plastic surgeon know as soon as you notice any changes in the shape or consistency of the breasts, or any hardening of the nipples. If you hurt your breasts, in an accident or a fall, for example, we advise visiting your doctor. The medical checkups after the breast implants surgery will be scheduled one month, three months, and a year after the date of the surgery.

The pain is completely manageable and it will be controlled with specific medication.


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