Pain after buttock augmentation

18th Oct 2018

Butt implant surgery is the procedure we use to remodel and contour the buttocks by adding more volume and harmoniously balancing the whole profile of the body. The intervention enjoys a great popularity on a worldwide level.
Fat transfer to the buttocks is a relatively newer procedure that we perform with the same purpose: to augment the butt. During the fat procedure, the surgeon will harvest fat from donor areas (usually the abdomen) and re-inject it into the buttocks. The procedure is also in high demand as it has lesser risks than butt implant surgery and all the complications related to implants are avoided from the start.
The buttocks are made of muscle, fat, and skin and are fixed on a bone support. The shape and contour of the buttocks greatly depend on the bone structure of the patient. However, the volume is given by the fat.
When looking for butt augmentation surgery, the surgeon will recommend a procedure that should fulfill your aesthetic expectations depending on the particularities of your body. If you want a rounder aspect for your buttocks, the implants might be a better choice. The butt implants are also the suitable procedure if the patient doesn’t have enough fat tissue in other areas of the body to provide the fat for transfer to the buttocks.
If your buttocks are in a continuous fight against gravity after an important weight loss or with aging, the fat transfer or a combination of the two procedures might be chosen to deliver the desired results.
Any plastic surgery entails a certain level of discomfort and pain, but the intensity is dependent on the complexity of the procedure and the patient’s tolerance to pain.
During butt implant surgery, an incision is performed between the butt cheeks and the implant is positioned in a pocket made in the gluteal muscle. The incision is closed with a suture, drain tubes are inserted, and compression garments need to be worn for a few weeks.
Every time we have large incisions and sectioning of the muscles, the pain will be more intense compared to tiny incisions at a subdermal level. This means that in most cases the fat transfer is certainly less painful compared to butt implant surgery. The recovery time is also shorter, but pain medication will be prescribed in both cases to help you reduce the discomfort and alleviate the pain.
After fat transfer to the buttocks, most patients say that they didn’t even feel pain, but a tension like after working out intensively at the gym will be felt afterwards.

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