Pain after buttock augmentation

Pain after buttock augmentation

14th Jun 2016

As soon as the anesthetic wears off after the buttock augmentation surgery is performed, the patient will be able to communicate

After this period is over, the patient will feel tension in the area where the surgery was performed that will last 24 to 48 hours. It is possible also to feel some pain during this time, but the intensity will be reduced and easily controlled by medication.

It is recommended that the patient have someone to pick him or her up from the clinic, and the medical staff will provide a list of prescribed medications as well as a list of instructions to follow once they get back home. The first days at home can be hard due to the difficulty moving around, all the bandages, and the elastic shorts. During these first days at home, the recommendation is to monitor the patient’s general health and report anything disturbing to the doctor or the clinic.

Complications after this surgery are extremely rare to nonexistent, but there are other effects that are completely normal and can occur in some cases. For example, when changing the bandages, bleeding can occur. After the buttock augmentation procedure, the area will be swollen, and some inflammation might occur. The swelling can disappear in a few weeks, but it is just as normal to take a few months.

The recovery period after the buttock augmentation procedure might take longer and be a little more painful than for other surgeries, due to the daily demand on the area while sitting down (even using a cushion), walking, and even standing. The patient will need to sleep on his or her stomach or side to avoid unnecessary pain and pressure on the buttocks. It is also normal for the swelling and bruises to make their way up toward the abdominal area or down the hips; this is all a part of the recovery process, and they will disappear in a few weeks in most cases.

Pain medication will be prescribed, and direct pressure on the buttocks should be avoided for about twelve weeks, so prepare to use a pillow every time you want to sit down. If you take care to respect the doctor

Just as with any other type of surgery, there is a healing process that will affect the appearance of your body. Aside from swelling and bruises, you might also have tissue trauma or fat necrosis. It is important to consult your doctor if you feel that the pain is difficult to manage or you notice any changes that the medical staff didn

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