Pain in the buttocks after surgery

Pain in the buttocks after surgery

23rd Nov 2018

Pain in the buttocks after surgery

Undergoing butt enhancement procedure can entail side effects such as pain and discomfort. This is completely natural and patients should be aware of this before scheduling surgery.

When it comes to increasing the size of the buttocks, correcting asymmetries or improving the shape, there are multiple procedures available: butt augmentation with implants, augmentation with fat transfer, Brazilian butt lift, traditional butt lift and liposuction for butt reduction.

Pain can be a common occurrence for patients undergoing any type of procedure, and plastic surgery for the buttocks is no different. The pain occurs as a result of the injury to the butt tissues.

Patients feel a different level of pain and discomfort. The intensity of pain is different from patient to patient and depends on various factors such as the patient’s tolerance to pain and the procedure that was performed. For example, when a butt augmentation with gluteal implants is performed, the pain can be more intense than after a fat transfer or a Brazilian butt lift. When implants are used, they should be inserted in a pocket either inside or under the muscles of the buttocks. This means that we need to section the buttocks to perform the surgery. This leads to a longer recovery period and a higher level of pain and discomfort compared to a surgery during which only the skin and fat tissue are targeted. However, the results of a butt augmentation with implants can’t usually be achieved in any other way. In other words, the pain and discomfort are the prices the patient needs to pay to benefit from a considerable increase in buttock size as the implants can be as large as 600 cc.

Even if just a minor or minimally invasive procedure such as fat transfer is performed, some patients might experience pain. In this case, the pain might not radiate from the buttocks area but from the donor areas from where fat was extracted for the grafting.

To reduce the level of pain and to speed up the recovery after a butt enhancement procedure, your plastic surgeon will advise you to wear compression garments and take pain medication. Discussing these details with the plastic surgeon even from the pre-operative consultation is important. Depending on your tolerance to pain, the plastic surgeon can prescribe just a mild analgesic or something stronger.

Also, keep in mind that compression garments are mandatory for achieving superior results and play an important role in reducing the inflammation and pain after buttock surgery. Choose high quality compression garments that perfectly suit your body. The surgeon will advise you to wear them for four to eight weeks after the procedure. By this time the pain and discomfort will have long subsided. The pain after the surgery is usually experienced for no longer than a few days after the procedure.

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