Pain medication after butt implant surgery

Pain medication after butt implant surgery

26th Oct 2018

Butt implant surgery is a procedure that entails a higher level of discomfort compared to other plastic surgeries performed on other areas of the body. Patients who undergo both breast and butt implant surgery note that the recovery period is more difficult after the buttock enhancement procedure.

When butt implant surgery is performed, the plastic surgeon will make an incision either on each butt cheek or in the gluteal fold that will be used to insert the implants. Butt implants are never positioned immediately under the skin, but in a pocket created either inside the gluteal muscles or under them. This makes the implant less visible and reduces the risks of developing complications. The procedure doesn’t take longer than two hours and is often associated with liposuction. When liposuction is performed on the lower back and thighs, the results of butt implant surgery can be much improved, as well as the overall appearance of the body.

The patient is usually free to go home within hours after waking up from the anesthesia. The recommendation is to have someone drive you home after the procedure as driving is not possible for at least a week or two after the procedure.

While the results of butt implant surgery are visible immediately after the procedure and the patient will notice a significant increase in the size of her buttocks, the final results need to stabilize and can be assessed six months to a year after the procedure. Butt implants need time to settle into their new location, and the incisions need time to heal and close properly. But considering the location of the incisions, the healing of the sutures would not be possible or would be greatly delayed if constant pressure is applied on the butt. This means that your plastic surgeon will advise you not to sit or lie on the buttocks directly for three weeks post-operatively. Otherwise, the surgical incisions might open or the implants might shift in their pocket.

Not being able to sit down or lie on the back combined with the normal post-op side effects such as swelling and bruising in the area can create quite some discomfort and pain for the patient. This is the reason why your plastic surgeon will prescribe medication to take after the surgery. Make sure to discuss your level of tolerance to pain even from the pre-operative consultation so your doctor can prescribe the best medication to alleviate the pain. Some patients can be fine with a simple analgesic while others require stronger painkillers.

The recommendation is to take the medication as prescribed, even if you don’t feel pain at that exact time. There is an increased level of discomfort associated with the impossibility to sit after butt implant surgery, so there is no point in accentuating the discomfort by adding pain to it.

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