Painful breasts after breast implant surgery

Painful breasts after breast implant surgery

19th Dec 2018

After going through a breast implant surgery, you can’t expect to start flaunting the shape of your newly contoured body. You will still go through a recovery period where the body recovers from the procedure. One of the things you will be expecting during your recovery is the pain in your breasts.

It is expected that a patient who has undergone breast implant surgery will feel pain after the procedure. This is why pain relievers are prescribed by surgeons. This enables patients to be more comfortable during recovery so that they can better recover. There are different pains or discomforts that you can expect after the surgery, such as the following:

–   Tightness of the chest: The reason for this is because your breasts are still adjusting due to the presence of the implants. Tightness is especially common for those who had the implants positioned under the muscles.

– Engorgement of the breasts: This is the feeling that mothers get when they give birth and their breasts are producing milk, but the baby isn’t feeding on them. This feels like pressure and pain combined, but this eventually goes away after a week.

–   Shooting pains: Shooting pain is also common for those who undergo breast implant surgery. This can signify that the nerves in the breasts are healing. The shooting pains are not permanent and do not occur regularly.

–   Muscle spasms: It is also common to feel muscle spasms after a breast augmentation surgery. Many surgeons may prescribe muscle relaxants for patients to deal with it.

–   Pain due to infection: It is also possible that the pain you are feeling is already a sign of an infection. Along with pain, there is redness, swelling, and warmth in the breast area. When this occurs, the implants need to be removed, antibiotics need to be taken in, and the augmentation postponed at another time.

–   Pain due to seroma: It is also possible for the fluid to accumulate on the breast because of the trauma that the breast has received. The fluid may cause even more pressure on the muscles, causing pain.

Pain is expected after the breast implant surgery, which is why surgeons can prescribe medications that can help with the pain. Pain medications can be taken in by drinking them or through a pain pump device.

Doing exercises can also help aid in the recovery and lessen the pain after the surgery. With exercise, the pectoralis muscles will slowly be stretched. Although exercises are recommended, movements must be simple and light. Heavy lifting and other intense workout routines are discouraged.

Another way to help make the pain is lessened is to find something to do. If you are just sitting down and doing nothing, the more you will feel the pain. If you do something to pass the time, you won’t notice the pain until such time that you already recover.


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