Patients’ opinions about recovery after butt implant surgery

Patients’ opinions about recovery after butt implant surgery

08th Jan 2021


Butt implants are prosthetic objects made of semi-solid silicone material. These implants, also known as gluteal implants, are used to increase the size of the butt and enhance your physical appearance. There is no doubt that the buttocks are among the most important cosmetic areas of the female body because they connote your femininity and fertility, besides defining your body outline. Buttock implant surgery is a major operation, as it involves incisions and the insertion of artificial implants into the booty.

Due to its invasive nature and the associated surgical trauma, patients who undergo the surgery are required to go through a complete recovery process, which can extend to many weeks. What happens during the recovery can differ from one patient to another. In this article, I will discuss the common opinions during recovery of most patients who got butt implants. 

Recovery involves some pain and discomforts

During butt implant surgery, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on your buttocks and then insert and place the implants through those incisions. While making the incisions, the skin, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and tissues are injured or damaged. As a result, it is common for the patient to experience some levels of pain and discomfort after the operation. 

Most patients who underwent butt implant surgery reported mild to moderate pain during the first 24-72 hours following the procedure. After this time, the pain subsides and then disappears. The plastic surgeon will prescribe medications to cope with the pain. The severity of the pain also depends on your pain tolerance level and how the surgery has been performed. 

It can take two weeks to resume non-strenuous work

According to statistics, it takes two weeks for the patient to resume work that involves non-strenuous activities. Most surgeons say that you must avoid work during the first two weeks following the procedure. Any pressure or strain applied to the buttocks can trigger complications, which is why you should focus on your recovery and take rest instead of doing work. Also, make sure to take at least two weeks off work for the primary recovery. After two weeks you may resume work, but if your work involves physically demanding activities, you should take more time off work. 

You can take short and slow walks every few hours two days after the procedure

In a majority of cases, patients say they are able to take short and slow walks every few hours within the first two days following the operation. Plastic surgeons also encourage patients to get up and take short walks because it comes with many benefits. It improves bowel movements, which helps prevent problems like constipation that typically result due to physical inactivity. 

Physical movements also improve blood circulation in the body, which in turn helps prevent possible complications like blood clotting. It also speeds up the healing of the incisions. However, you must avoid significant movements because it can increase your risk of complications like wound dehiscence, bleeding, and infection. 

Sitting and sleeping on your back affects the results and can trigger complications

Many patients have experienced certain complications by not following the surgeon’s instructions. Before you go home from the hospital after the surgery, the plastic surgeon will give you detailed instructions for a smooth and safe recovery. One of the most important instructions you will be told to follow is to avoid sleeping on your back and sitting during the first two weeks following the procedure. Most patients who ignored this advice experienced major complications, such as incision splitting, bleeding, infection, poor and slow wound healing, and even abnormal scar development. Be sure to follow the surgeon’s instructions so that these problems can be prevented.

Wearing the compression garments makes the recovery fast

Patients are normally advised to wear a special type of garment called compression garments for many weeks after the surgery, and patients who wore those garments reported that they experienced a fast and smooth and safe recovery. The compression garments are designed to reduce the swelling, expedite the incision healing, and hold your buttocks in shape until the tissues gain strength to stay in place. Be sure to wear the compression garments for at least six weeks after the procedure.

Taking the prescribed medicines wards off complications

Most patients get prescriptions for different reasons. The plastic surgeon will assess your overall health and take a look at your medical history during the pre-operative consultation to determine whether you need medicines. For example, if you have a weak immune system, you will be exposed to higher risks of possible infection. To prevent infections, the plastic surgeon may prescribe antibiotics. It is important for you to take the medicines on time and according to the doctor’s instructions to prevent possible complications. Most patients who took the prescribed medicines reported that they experienced little to no problems during the recovery period.

The buttocks are swollen for many weeks following the surgery

Since buttock implant surgery involves the placement of major incisions and tampering with the tissues, patients experience post-operative swelling. This happens for all patients. Patients report that the post-operative swelling didn’t disappear for many weeks after the procedure. The swelling happens as your body reacts against the incisions and the surgical trauma. In most cases, the swelling gradually subsides and then disappears six or seven weeks after the procedure. The results will not transpire completely unless and until the swelling has disappeared and the incisions have fully healed. 

You will be able to resume your routine after six weeks 

Many patients have given their opinion about their ability to resume their routine activities after a butt augmentation with implants. According to statistics, most patients said they were able to return to their regular activities, including strenuous activities, six weeks after the surgery. This is true because your body takes six weeks to fully recover. You can then restart physical activities, including exercises, weight lifting, jogging, stretching, and jumping etc. 

Results take many weeks and even months to emerge

Most patients are curious as to how soon they will be able to see and feel the results of buttock implant surgery. According to the opinion of most patients who got the implants, it takes many weeks and even months for the final outcomes to emerge. Many patients think that they can see the results right after the procedure. This is not true. Butt implants need time to drop and settle, and the swelling and incisions need time to disappear and heal respectively. In most cases, the results become prominent six to eight weeks after the surgery. 

However, depending on your healing pattern, it can take more or less time for the improvements to show. How soon the results will emerge also depends on post-operative care, whether you wear the compression garments, how the surgery has been performed, and your overall health. What this means is that you must choose your surgeon carefully and then follow his instructions if you want the improvements to emerge quickly. 

Sun exposure of the incisions during after the first six months causes abnormal scarring

The patient is advised to avoid exposing the operated area to direct sunlight and other forms of direct heat for six months after the procedure. Unfortunately, many patients ignore this advice and get trapped in complications. Many patients who got abnormal scarring said that they exposed the buttocks to direct sunlight within the first six months following the operation. Sun and heat exposure can trigger abnormal scarring that is raised, rough, and highly noticeable. Be sure to avoid direct sun and heat exposure of your buttocks for six months after the surgery so that the risk of abnormal scarring can be prevented. When you go out in the sun, be sure to cover your buttocks. After six months, you can go to the beach.


Many people who intend to undergo buttock implant surgery want to know the opinion of people who already got butt implants, especially regarding recovery. Knowing the opinion of others can help you better understand the surgery and set your expectations about the recovery. It can also help you learn from the experiences of other people who have gone through the process. In this article, I have discussed the common opinions of the majority of patients who got butt implants about the recovery process. These opinions will help you get a better idea about what will happen during the recovery, how long it will take, and what precautionary measures you need to take.

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