Patients’ opinions after plastic surgery

Patients’ opinions after plastic surgery

05th Oct 2020


You may have read articles about different plastic surgery procedures, what they involve, and how they can improve your life. Furthermore, plastic surgeons may have introduced to you the procedure you want to undergo. However, many patients are curious about the opinions of patients who have gotten plastic surgery. Knowing the opinions of people who have experienced plastic surgery can be a good approach to getting an impartial outlook on it. It can help you understand the surgery and set your expectations accordingly.

No matter what type of plastic surgery procedure you want to undergo, you should discuss it with patients who have gotten a similar procedure, in addition to doing research to know patients’ opinions. Below are the commonly held opinions of patients who have gotten plastic surgery. 

Plastic surgery is not as painful as it is thought to be

There is this widely held notion that plastic surgery is extremely painful and involves severe discomforts. This is one of the leading reasons that creates fear among patients and even keeps many people from availing its benefits. Then there are many people who hold the extreme opposite opinion, i.e. they assume that plastic surgery does not involve any pain or discomfort and that the procedure is as simple as getting makeup or a haircut. 

The reality is that plastic surgery does involve pain and discomfort, especially during the recovery period; however, the pain is not as severe as it is presented in most cases. Most patients who got plastic surgery reported experiencing mild to moderate pain for the first 24-72 hours following the procedure. Furthermore, they said that they were able to cope with the pain by using over-the-counter painkillers. The level of pain that you may experience also depends on your pain tolerance level. 

It is also important to bear in mind that most patients said they didn’t experience any pain during the surgery because most major plastic surgery procedures are performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation with local anesthesia. You will not feel any pain during the surgery due to the effects of the anesthesia. 

You can get amazing results if your doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon

The results of plastic surgery depend on your plastic surgeon’s experience, skills, artistry, and qualification to a greater extent. Most patients who got plastic surgery have this opinion that if your plastic surgeon is board-certified and experienced in the said plastic surgery procedure, you can expect to get amazing and impressive outcomes. But keep in mind that not all doctors can properly perform plastic surgery and deliver you the results you want to achieve. 

Plastic surgery patients have this opinion and suggestion for other patients that you must do your research before choosing a plastic surgeon and make sure the surgeon is board-certified and experienced. Board certification indicates that the doctor has undergone many years of training in plastic surgery and general surgery and that you are safe in his hands. Also, ask the surgeon about his experience in plastic surgery and tell him to show you before and after pictures of patients he has treated in the past. 

The results take longer to emerge fully

The next common opinion of patients after plastic surgery is that the results of most procedures do not emerge completely immediately after the surgery. In fact, it can take many weeks and even months for the entire improvements to become visible. This is also one of the important things that almost all board-certified and qualified plastic surgeons share with patients. If you have decided to get plastic surgery, do not expect to see the results immediately.

Most plastic surgery procedures like breast enhancement, butt augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction are traumatic and involve major incisions. The incisions made and the tampering with the tissues trigger inflammation, swelling, and bruising. It can take many weeks and even months for the swelling to disappear and the results to transpire. Also, the incisions need to heal so that the results can become fully apparent. What this means is that you must have realistic expectations when it comes to how soon you can expect to see the results of plastic surgery. 

Don’t be concerned about the swelling and bruising

Many people become worried after seeing the swelling and bruising after plastic surgery. However, people who got plastic surgery have this opinion that you must not worry about the swelling and bruising because they are temporary side effects. 

During plastic surgery, incisions are made on the body, and the tissues and muscles are tampered with. What this means is that surgery involves trauma. Like all invasive procedures, plastic surgery leaves swelling and bruising on the operated areas. For example, if you get breast augmentation surgery, your breasts may be swollen after. The swelling occurs as a general reaction of your body against the surgical trauma and incisions.

The swelling and bruising will gradually decrease over time. After many weeks and even months, these side effects will disappear. However, if the swelling expands beyond the operated area and is coupled with increased pain and other symptoms, you should contact the plastic surgeon. 

Recovery takes many weeks

Many people have this notion or assumption that plastic surgery is a simple procedure and does not entail a recovery period. However, when you ask patients who have gotten plastic surgery, they will tell you that it involves a complete recovery process like all other invasive procedures. The incisions need time to heal, and the patient has to follow many instructions for a smooth and safe recovery.

The primary recovery period comprises the first two weeks following most plastic surgery procedures; however, complete recovery can take six weeks. It is important for the patient to follow instructions so that likely complications can be prevented and the desired improvements can be achieved. You have to spend the first two weeks after the surgery resting in bed and avoiding work. Also, you must not do strenuous activities for six weeks after the surgery. 

Improvement of body anatomy and aesthetics

Improvement of body anatomy and aesthetics is the leading reason why many women get plastic surgery. They expect plastic surgery to enhance their femininity by adding certain aesthetic features to the body or removing aesthetic flaws. You will see a drastic improvement in your body anatomy and aesthetics. This is one of the common opinions of patients who got plastic surgery. 

For example, if your breasts are saggy and you are looking for something effective, you should consider getting a breast lift. Most people who got the surgery said they are happy with the results and that not only are their breasts became firmer and tighter, but also their overall body anatomy and outline have improved and they look younger. 

Improvement of self-esteem

There is no doubt that most people get plastic surgery because they experience self-esteem issues due to the aesthetic flaws and shortcomings in their bodies. The good news is that a majority of the patients who underwent plastic surgery have this opinion that it has greatly improved their self-esteem. There should be no doubt because if a certain area of your body is not in shape and plastic surgery puts it back in shape, you will certainly experience a boost of self-esteem. After the surgery, most patients said they feel more confident in social, professional, and personal settings and are more satisfied with their body image. 

Importance of wearing compression garments

Plastic surgery patients are advised to wear compression garments for many weeks after the surgery, and the patients who followed this advice say that they have experienced amazing results and a smooth recovery. The compression garments are made particularly to be worn after the surgery, and they are designed to reduce swelling, speed up the incision healing, and prevent complications. Normally, patients are required to wear the compression garments for six weeks after plastic surgery. Make sure to wear these garments for the recommended time because it comes with many benefits. 


If you are planning to undergo plastic surgery, you may think as to what opinions patients who gotten plastic surgery have about it. This is one of the best approaches to get impartial opinions of people about the surgery and its effectiveness. It will help you decide whether to get the surgery, how to prepare for it, and what to expect about the recovery and the results. In this article, I have discussed the leading opinions of patients about plastic surgery and their experiences before, during, and after the surgery. If you can’t find someone personally to get their opinion, you can find many patients online who are eager to share their experiences. 

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