Performing breast reduction surgery on men

Performing breast reduction surgery on men

31st Jan 2017

[vc_single_image image=”4394″ img_size=”large”] Men, just like women, can have embarrassingly noticeable enlarged development of their breast tissue,. This is a condition called gynecomastia. Hormonal overload is the most common cause for substantial growth of breasts in men such as too much estrogen or too little testosterone. Other causes could be  high liquor consumption, cannabis use, use of certain medications, underlying medical conditions, genetics, and dramatic weight reduction. Gynecomastia can influence one or both breasts.

Enlarged breasts can leave men emotionally miserable especially those who are already insecure about their looks. Who would find men with abnormally enlarged breasts, hot?, The mental torment would be immeasurable and affect the quality of life and human interaction.

The good news is that breast reduction surgery can ably address that condition. There are no age requirements although for best and lasting results, it is advisable to go to this route when the breasts have reached its maximum development. Gynecomastia can also occur at any stage.  Breast reduction procedure can be performed even during teenage years.

Why Should Men with Enlarged Breasts Consider Breast Reduction Surgery?

It may be possible to decrease their size of the enlarged breast through strict diet and rigorous exercise. However, the most common cause for gynecomastia is the overabundance of glandular tissue development, instead of fat, so diet and exercise is not really the answer. Abnormal breast development in men can shatter confidence and erode self-esteem and body image over time. Treatment of the condition is thus necessary. Breast reduction intervention under the administration of a qualified plastic specialist is the most practical solution for gynecomastia that is relatively long lasting and minimal scarring. After the procedure and healing process, there is no reason to be embarrassed about going shirtless for sports, other outdoor activities or physical intimacy with a partner.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Systems

Plastic specialists can use various techniques in male breast reduction intervention.

The most frequently used technique for treating gynecomastia is liposuction and surgical extraction. If your breasts are enlarged with excess fat, your surgeon will do liposuction to remove the fats. The method involves   injection of fluid into the breast tissue followed by insertion of a cannula through tiny incisions in the area. The excess fat cells will then be suctioned out. Your skin elasticity and age are one of the factors that will determine if you are an ideal candidate for liposuction.

Your plastic surgeon may also employ the extraction technique to remove excess glandular breast tissue or surplus skin to reduce breast size. This method is frequently used to reduce the size of the areola and correct deformity by repositioning the areola and tightening of the skin. The size and extent of entry points required in extraction depends on individual anatomical condition, objectives, amount of skin or tissue and the specialist’s preference.. Your plastic surgeon will attempt to hide the incisions inside the wrinkle of your skin or around the edge of the areola. You can expect some tissue at the back of your areola, but a post-surgery scooping or “doughnut” inconsistency can be avoided.

A Few Things to Consider Before the Intervention

There are numerous variables you need to know about before undertaking male breast reduction surgery.

  • Like any surgery, the male breast reduction system includes the production of incisions in the skin. Even if most entry points are covered up in the breast areola, there will be scars. Understand that the scars are inevitable results of any surgical procedure no matter how minimal.


  • If your enlarged breasts are effects from using specific medications like like steroids, or if the condition was triggered or is a consequence of excessive weight gain, you should stop intake of such medications and work at keeping your weight regulated to get best and long lasting results from the procedure.


  • The cost should be considered. Most of the treatment may be secured by Medicare or private medical coverage. The surgical expense will vary from one surgeon to the other so it is best that you consult with plastic specialist in advance.


  • If you are a smoker, you are more at risk for danger of potential complications, both transient and long term. You ought to try to quit smoking no less than four weeks before the procedure.

After the Breast Reduction Surgery

The procedure is routinely performed under general sedation and takes one to two hours. You may be required to stay in the doctor’s facility for a couple of hours more after the surgery. Your specialist may recommend that you take a few days off work to rest and recuperate. While you can resume normal activities within a couple of days, it is best that you avoid any strenuous exercises for no less than six weeks after the surgery. You will likewise be required to wear compression garments for a couple of days or weeks after the procedure for speedy recovery and reduce swelling.

The good news is that after the procedure, you will see quick, unmistakable change in the form, size, and look of your breast area. You can expect some sensitivity and discomfort but that should disappear after a while. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics post surgery.

The Most Effective Method to Keep up your Enhanced Appearance

The results of male breast reduction are dependable, but not necessary permanent. The surgery removes excess fats, glandular tissue, and additional skin on your breast. It is still essential to follow a healthy lifestyle, which means proper diet and regular exercise. Radical weight gain, use of medications like steroids may trigger recurrence of growth of your breasts. Any medications that affect testosterone levels should be avoided since it can have an impact on the positive outcomes from the surgery.

Scars, Dangers, and Complications

Male breast reduction surgery can leave abandon you with red, uneven scars which normally disappears or blur in a couple of months.  Like all surgeries, male breast reduction surgery additionally carries risks and potential complications like uneven bust and numbness or loss of feeling in the areolas. Fortunately, the advances in technologies and instruments have greatly minimized the dangers and risks. .

Other dangers and potential complications are as follows:

  • Allergic responses and different dangers radiating from the anesthetic
  • Hemorrhaging and bleeding
  • Blood clots development, which can trigger further complexities like stroke
  • Breast coldness
  • Loose skin at the surgical site
  • Itchy scars
  • Prolonged irritation
  • Skin necrosis at the surgical site

The dangers and potential difficulties can differ for each patient depending on the lifestyle and medical history. Discuss thoroughly with your plastic surgeon the possible and complications arising from the surgery.


Male breast enlargement can happen for various  reasons and cause emotional and mental anguish for the patient. Male breast reduction surgery is a method used to address overly large breast conditions. The treatment has dependable, long lasting results, but a healthy lifestyle that involves proper diet, regular exercise and avoidance of certain medications are prerequisites for best results. Choose your plastic surgeon carefully and consider education, training, competency and experience in gynecomastia surgery.

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