Perkier breasts without surgery: possible or not?

Perkier breasts without surgery: possible or not?

14th Nov 2017

Over the years we have heard of quite a number of people who believe that the medical world tries to keep secrets about the natural methods of breast augmentation. Some people and some brands through spurious advertising, claim that they have the magic formula to get perkier breasts without the need of surgery. False claim! It is indeed true that we all want to get a nicer looking body or bigger breasts and if it is possible without surgery, why go through the trouble of dealing with the complications of breast augmentation procedures?

The “naturist” methods for breast augmentation promises breast enhancement based on the so-called body’s own ability to develop the breasts up to a certain point. They claim that each woman has a certain DNA conformation, and this conformation will allow her to augment the breasts without the need of surgical interventions that can have negative effects on the patient’s wellbeing on the long term.

We have seen pictures of people promoting these “naturist” methods for perkier breasts when the incision of the breast augmentation intervention was still visible. But then again, not everybody is able to tell the difference between a breast with mammary implant and a natural breast. Depending on the skills of the surgeon performing the intervention and the anatomy of the patient, it is sometimes even difficult for another plastic surgeon to tell from the photos if there were any plastic surgery procedures performed on the person or not.

The methods advertised as able to provide perkier breasts without surgery are numerous. Some are too funny to even consider, but others can be downright crazy which beggars belief. Here are a few methods that people believe they can use to get perkier breasts and the reason why they don’t work:

1. Pure alimentation for breast augmentation

The aliments that are forbidden in this diet are sweets, meat coming from anything else than free range animals, pastry products and any products that have additives. So far, there is no problem with the recommendation, aside from the fact that the person following the diet will find it very difficult to find something to eat that is not very expensive or even available if you do not live in a farm. Following this line of argument, if this type of diet can keep or make breasts perky, then all vegans and raw vegans should be Victoria’s Secret models as they probably already follow the requirements of the method.

The pure alimentation method for breast augmentation promotes a lacto-vegetarian nutrition, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, allowing nature to deliver on the promises for a harmonious development, not only of the breasts, but the body as a whole.

They say that there are aliments that are able to help create perkier breasts such as extra virgin olive oil, soya, dill seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. The aliments need to be consumed in large quantities for at least six months. The promoters of this diet for breast augmentation probably hope that during the course of six months of eating nuts and seeds, the woman will forget to look and see that there are no satisfactory changes to her breasts.

Of course, there are foods that are good for you and some that should be avoided; it is a well-known fact. But there are no foods that can increase the volume of your breasts. Food can affect, in a certain measure, the quality of our skin, which can influence the appearance of the breasts.

2. Creams and oils made of plants known for their hormonal stimulation abilities

We have talked before about plants, like dill and basil, that contain properties that are similar to the estrogen found in women’s bodies. What the producers and advertisers always fail to mention, is that an increased quantity of estrogen in the body can have negative effects, too. Whatever potential breast enhancement it purports to give will be slight and short lived, as it is similar to the effect of birth control pills on some women.

3. Breast massages for breast augmentation

If you have researched this method in your quest for a solution for perkier breasts, then you must know it requires a lot of dedication as the massages need to be performed a couple of times a day for months and months on end. Admittedly, breast massages, especially if performed the right way have many beneficial effects. It can improve skin texture and feel when done with moisturizing cream and oil that makes the skin on your breasts look amazing. It can also help you detect any cyst growing in your breasts. Just don’t expect to see your bra cup increasing from an A to a C as a result of regular breast massage.

4. Sexual intercourse with continence

They say it is one of the best-kept secrets of women who want to become more beautiful and sensual. It has even been claimed that women who have sexual intercourse with continence can rapidly increase the volume of their breasts by over 50% in just a few months.

The reality is that the woman’s breasts do become fuller during intercourse as a result of stimulation and the quantity of hormones that is produced during sex, but the effect disappears shortly. Obviously, breast volume increasing after sex is false! .

While women are willing to try all sorts of methods for breast augmentation, there will be people offering solutions that may sound ok, but are really not. This is nothing else than just a way for some people to make money by exploiting the women’s desire to have perkier breasts.

You need plastic surgery if you want to improve the appearance of your breasts using a safe method that is known to provide results for more than half a century now.

Perkier breasts with fat transfer

Most plastic surgeons now offer breast augmentation procedure that is performed by injecting the patient’s own fat into the breasts. With this method, risks associated with the traditional silicone implants are eliminated. The autologous fat transfer to the breasts is a safe intervention that doesn’t leave behind massive scars; the recovery period is short, and the results are natural. Aside from achieving the desired measurements of the breasts, another major benefit of the intervention is the removal of excess fat from other areas of the body through liposuction done during the same intervention.

The autologous fat transfer involves the harvesting adipose tissue from areas with a surplus such as the abdominal, thighs or waist area and injecting it to the breasts. The main advantage of the procedure is that it uses the patient’s own fat, hence eliminating the risk of the body rejecting the substance or of developing adverse reactions after the intervention.

Some patients have enough adipose tissue in just one area of the body, and this simplifies the fat harvesting procedure. In case the patient has undergone liposuction before, or they naturally don’t have a sufficient quantity of fat in just one region of the body, more areas such as the flanks, thighs, upper and lower back, will be considered donors. The focus is on harmoniously contouring the rest of the body.

This relatively simple intervention will be performed under local anesthetic. If a larger quantity of fat is required, a general anesthetic will be used.

If you already had a surgical intervention to augment the breasts but you are not happy with their shape, the depressions of the skin can be corrected through own fat injections to achieve more symmetrical results.

The fat transfer to the breasts can technically offer you perkier breasts without surgery. The incisions performed will be no longer than 4-5 mm, enough for the plastic surgeon to introduce a cannula to harvest fat and they will be placed at the donor area or areas. This is the only method that can possibly help you achieve the desired perkiness for the breasts without the complications of a breast augmentation with silicone or saline implants.


It is possible to have perkier breasts without surgery, but this can be achieved only with the help of a plastic surgeon and through fat transfer to the breasts procedure. Any other method advertised as able to enhance the appearance of your breasts such as a specific alimentation, massages, creams and oils with natural plant extracts, cannot provide serious results nor results that can last for a longer time. These methods are not even worth considering as there is no irrefutable proof that they really work. Also, models of these product ads usually feature women who underwent plastic surgery to get the breasts they have.

To restate, the fat transfer to the breasts is a safe plastic surgery intervention with very minimal scarring, short recovery period and natural looking results.

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