Perky breasts: when and how to get them

Perky breasts: when and how to get them

09th Dec 2019


When thinking about the beauty ideal of all times for women, we imagine an hourglass silhouette and perky, beautiful breasts. The breasts have always been associated with femininity and sex appeal, but also with motherhood. Pregnancy is one of the factors that can cause the unsightly appearance of the breasts. During pregnancy or weight fluctuations, the body changes and these transformations are also visible on the breasts where the delicate and sensitive skin in the area can start sagging quite early in a woman’s life. Aside from pregnancy and weight fluctuations, there are many other factors that can influence the appearance of the breasts and trigger the onset of breast ptosis. 

Nowadays many women resort to plastic surgery to improve or correct the breasts. To get perky breasts, the procedure recommended in a vast majority of cases is mastopexy, commonly known as the breast lift. 

When coming in for the pre-operative consultation, many patients want to know when and how to get their perky breasts. To answer the first question “when,” it is important to be aware of the fact that the factors that triggered the ptosis in the first place can continue to affect the breasts after surgery as well. This means that if you get pregnant again or suffer considerable weight fluctuations after the procedure, chances are the results achieved might be altered to a certain measure. 

Aside from these factors that can be controlled, there is another factor causing sagginess: the passing of time. With the natural aging process, the breasts might become saggy again, so it is important to know this, especially if you want to undergo the procedure early in life. When discussing when it would be a good time to undergo the breast lift, you should also take into consideration the recovery period. This means that the procedure should be scheduled when you can take about two weeks off from work to allow your body to recover and heal. 

When coming to the “how” to get perky breasts, we should mention that there is just one efficient method available nowadays and this is with the help of plastic surgery via the breast lift. 

To achieve perky breasts, the plastic surgeon needs to make incisions on the breasts, detach the skin from the mammary gland, re-center the glandular tissue and then re-drape the skin on the mammary gland and remove the excess of skin tissue. This is the only way to correct breast ptosis. Every time we are dealing with an excess of skin, the only method that can correct it is the surgical removal of the surplus. The breast lift is safe and delivers long-lasting results when performed by an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. 

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