Physical exercise after breast augmentation

Physical exercise after breast augmentation

16th Jan 2019

Physical Exercise After Breast Augmentation


Undergoing plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the body triggers the desire for many patients to get fit and try to look their best. Even after procedures such as liposuction or tummy tuck that are meant to remodel the body and give it a nice shape, studies show that patients continued to improve their appearance by keeping a balanced diet and having a regular physical exercise routine.

When it comes to breast augmentation, many patients often end up with the desire to improve other areas of the body after getting their much-desired breasts. It is obvious that beautiful breasts will look much better on a fit person than on a person with excess weight or other imperfections. This is the reason why nowadays it is common for patients to undergo combined plastic surgery procedures that addresses the body as a whole or to commit to a balanced lifestyle with a healthy diet and physical exercise after surgery. This is the reason why many patients want to know when they can resume physical exercise after a breast augmentation procedure.

The first few days post-op are often associated with a certain level of pain and discomfort. Keep in mind that during this time the body is also trying to get rid of the side effects of the anesthesia and accommodating the presence of breast implants. For a few days, the patient might want to spend most of the time in bed resting. But during the first week post-op, the patient can start resuming some daily activities.

To avoid potential complications that can occur (as well as unnecessary pain), the recommendation is not to lift anything heavy during the first month after the procedure. Moreover, if the implants were positioned under the pectoral muscles, you will also want to avoid overstretching the arms like when you are trying to reach a shelf. The recovery period after submuscular implantation is longer than if the implants were positioned under the mammary gland. The muscles of the chest are sectioned, and they need at least two to three weeks to heal. During this time, you should avoid any type of activity that would put pressure on the chest or breasts.

Physical exercise after breast augmentation should be resumed gradually, starting after a month. However, make sure you discuss this issue with the plastic surgeon before going back to the gym as he might recommend you to postpone depending on how the recovery process is going.

If you return to the gym a month after the procedure, make sure to focus on exercises that don’t target the pectoralis muscles or the arms. You can start training the lower part of your body and gradually get to the upper part.


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