Physical exercises to enhance the buttocks

Physical exercises to enhance the buttocks

28th Feb 2019

Some have been blessed with a spectacular bottom, such as the Kardashian sisters. Others are trying to improve the appearance of their buttocks by doing physical exercises or resorting to plastic surgery. The first step that most of us do when trying to get rounder, bigger, perkier buttocks is to hit the gym. Even if we prefer to stay at home when exercising the glutes, there are plenty of video tutorials on how to tone the buttock muscles.

Due to different factors such as a sedentary lifestyle and genetic predisposition, the rear end could lose its definition and curves, could start sagging, or it could be naturally small, flat and unproportionate to the rest of the patient’s anatomy.

To improve the appearance of the buttocks, you need to understand the structure of the butt: the skin, fat tissue, and the muscles. The ones that give nice projection to the buttocks is usually the muscles, while the fat tissue can create a nice, curvaceous shape. All three structures of the butt are important to the overall aesthetics of the area. You need to understand that physical exercise can only help you up to a certain level to enhance the appearance of the buttocks because they only work on the muscles. This means that it is possible to increase the size of the butt with physical exercise by increasing the volume of the muscles. The gluteal muscles need intense stimulation to increase in size, but when this happens, the fat tissue will also decrease in size. The toning and definition of the rear end can be done with simple exercises, but it is important to do the exercises correctly and have enough repetitions.

The physical exercises often recommended for people who want to enhance their buttocks are:

– Sumo squat jumps

– Glute bridges

– Plank glute kickbacks

– Side plank leg raises

– Back leg lifts

– Hamstring curls

– Step up with knee raise

However, you should know that depending on your anatomy and physical characteristics, other physical exercises might be recommended for you. To get the most out of your exercise routine, it is better to start working with a trainer. This way you will soon see whether you can achieve the butt that you want with the help of physical exercise or not.

For most patients, physical exercises are not enough to deliver them the butt of their dreams, and this is when people resort to plastic surgery. The procedures performed to enhance the buttocks are the Brazilian butt lift or butt implant surgery. Butt augmentation with implants provides sustainable and permanent results. The augmentation of the size of the butt can be considerable and the back side completely redefined after undergoing this procedure. Keep in mind that sleeping or sitting on the buttocks is to be avoided for no less than three weeks after butt implant surgery.

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