What the Plastic Surgeon Should Tell You Before the Brazilian Butt Lift

What the Plastic Surgeon Should Tell You Before the Brazilian Butt Lift

27th Jun 2017

What the Plastic Surgeon Should Tell You Before the Brazilian Butt Lift


The Brazilian butt lift is a buttock enhancement intervention that makes your buttocks look perkier, more elevated and more youthful. This technique requires suctioning fat from one or multiple areas of your body. Once the fat is removed, a complex purification process starts and the purified fat obtained from the first step is introduced into your buttocks through injection. A completely natural and elevated look should be expected from the Brazilian butt lift since the surgeon will only make use of your own fat cells to augment your buttocks.

To be able to acquire satisfactory results after the Brazilian butt lift, it is essential for the patient to discuss the procedure in detail with the plastic surgeon. Moreover, selecting a highly skilled and qualified plastic surgeon to perform your intervention is important.

Before deciding to undergo surgery, make sure to talk about every aspect of the procedure in detail with your plastic surgeon. Ask about what you should expect after the intervention, the results, potential risks and complications as well as how the surgery will be performed, what you need to do before and after the surgery, the recovery period and the sustainability of your results.

Here are some of the things your plastic surgeon should tell you before scheduling the Brazilian butt lift. In the case he or she forgets to mention those, bring them up yourself. It is crucial to be informed.

Buttock Imperfections Corrected With the Brazilian Butt Lift

The plastic surgeon should make sure to tell you about what defects of the buttocks can be corrected with the Brazilian butt lift procedure. The procedure aims to enhance the appearance of your buttocks by elevating them and giving them a perkier, rounder aspect. If you are confronted with flat, sagging buttocks or small ones with asymmetries, this might be the right surgical option for you.

In the event that your buttocks have been injured after physical trauma, an accident or if they have lost their shape due to weight loss or weight gain, the Brazilian butt lift can correct those flaws as well. The surgery involves the injection of fat into your buttocks to create a rounded, elevated look.

Main Steps of the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Being informed and aware of how the intervention will be performed is essential for the patient. It is your plastic surgeon’s responsibility to help you understand the procedures involved in the surgery.

Step 1: The intervention is done under general anesthetic or with IV sedation. The surgery begins with the liposuction of fat from various areas of the body with unwanted fat deposits. Among the frequently targeted donor areas are the lower and upper back, abdomen and flanks, as well as the thighs and love handles. The uplifting news is that the liposuction performed on the donor areas will enhance the appearance of your body even more.

Step 2: During this step the harvested adipose tissue is processed for the purpose of obtaining purified fat cells. The purification process is complex and involves decanting and centrifugation. Furthermore, only 25-30% of the harvested fat will be eligible for injection into your buttocks.

Step 3: This is the final step of the intervention and now, the purified fat will be injected into the buttocks using a cannula. Small layers of fat cells will be introduced at a time and they will be positioned at different depths and in different parts of the buttocks, depending on the patient’s needs and desires.

Once the fat cells have been completely introduced, your derriere will become shapelier and this will make your silhouette appear more appealing and voluptuous.

What are the requirements for the surgery?

The prerequisites before the surgery are crucial and your surgeon should let you know exactly how to prepare for the day of the intervention. The requirements might be different from one patient to the other and from one surgeon to the other, but it is usually necessary to get a medical clearance two weeks before the intervention date. The patient can be required to undergo tests and scans such as blood tests and X-rays, etc.

Your surgeon will also advise you to stop taking any prescription medications. Make certain to inform your surgeon about your complete medical history and any drugs you might be taking on prescription or not and even natural supplements. If you are smoking, your plastic surgeon will ask you to quit smoking for at least a few weeks before the intervention date. You will also be told to avoid drinking or eating anything after midnight prior to your intervention.

What to Expect During the Recovery Period

Before the Brazilian butt lift is performed, your plastic surgeon will give you detailed information about the healing period and post-operative care. It is recommended that you drink plenty of liquids during the first few weeks after the surgery. At the same time, the surgeon will recommend you to wear a compression girdle for the few days or even weeks after the procedure. Getting enough bed rest and avoiding sitting down directly on your buttocks should ensure that you will have a normal and quick recovery. Driving should be avoided for about three weeks after the procedure is performed.

Even if the patient can resume work after less than two weeks, it is still recommended to avoid sitting down directly on the buttocks. Engaging in strenuous and difficult physical exercises is to be avoided during the first two months after the Brazilian butt lift.

The Risks and Possible Complications After Brazilian Butt Lift

Just like any other surgical intervention, the Brazilian butt lift comes with risks and complications. Even if the potential risks and complications are fewer than those of butt implants surgery, complications such as infection, hematoma and seroma, loss of skin sensitivity, swelling, bleeding and bruising can still occur. Lastly, remember that your body will also reabsorb a percentage of the fat that was introduced into your butt.

How Long Will the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Take?

The Brazilian butt lift will take quite some time to be performed, considering the complex steps of the intervention (fat harvesting, fat purification, fat reinjection). In most cases, the intervention will be finished within two to four hours, but the timing is highly dependent on the quantity of fat to be extracted and the amount of fat needed to give you the results you desire. No more than three hours are needed for the fat extraction process. The purification can be performed at the same time with the extraction. Another two to three hours can take to inject the fat into your buttocks.

Why Is the Brazilian Butt Lift the Best Choice for You

Ask your plastic surgeon if and why the Brazilian butt lift is the best choice for you. Generally speaking, the Brazilian butt lift provides the following benefits:

1. This procedure adds fat where it is most needed. Many women are experience low self-esteem because of the excess fat deposits in certain areas of their bodies. The Brazilian butt lift requires the use of liposuction to eliminate those stubborn adipose deposits and subsequently reinjecting it into the butt. The procedure contours your body with liposuction while it also lifts and enhances your buttocks through the reinjection of fat.

2. The Brazilian butt lift is one of the safest buttock enhancement interventions. Because it does not use silicone implants, it poses fewer risks and complications.

3. The intervention provides quick results. There is no need for effort to be put into contouring your body and elevating your buttocks by means of diets and exercises. The final results after the Brazilian butt lift are visible after a month from the intervention.

4. The appearance of the buttocks after this procedure is completely natural as it only uses your own fat to elevate and make the buttocks perkier. The buttocks will also feel natural after the Brazilian butt lift.

How to Prevent Bruising?

Bruising can occur frequently after the Brazilian butt lift. The plastic surgeon should recommend ways on how to keep the bruising to a minimum. It is advisable to avoid taking medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, motrin, steroids or other medications that aim to thin the blood.

It is also recommended that you avoid red wine for at least a month before undergoing the procedure. Herbal and naturist medications should also be avoided and the doctor should be informed in case you are taking any.

When Can I Resume Exercising After the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Your plastic surgeon will tell you the amount of time will it take for you to resume the regular exercise routine after the procedure. It depends on how much you have recovered after the intervention and how smooth is the recovery process going. Many patients can resume exercising within six weeks from the surgery date.


There are things that your surgeon should discuss with you before scheduling the Brazilian butt lift intervention. Even if a qualified and responsible plastic surgeon will discuss all the details in advance, make sure to ask the questions that are left unanswered.

Good communication and cooperation with your doctor is crucial for the success of the surgery. Selecting a plastic surgeon who will reply to all of your questions and worries while at the same time respecting your privacy is also essential to get the best results from the Brazilian butt lift. A plastic surgeon who is board-certified and highly experienced will ensure that you are well informed before the procedure.


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