Plastic surgery to achieve the hourglass shape

Plastic surgery to achieve the hourglass shape

31st Jan 2017

Generally speaking, women with the hourglass body have always been traditionally considered as the ideal body figures. Unfortunately, not all women can have the perfect body naturally. Women who have not been blessed with the characteristic hourglass figure can, in any case, utilize a mix of plastic surgery systems to accomplish the figure they have always wanted. There are various plastic surgery methods that can rebuild your body, including curves in the perfect areas, and help you get a womanly, attractive figure.

Before searching for a plastic surgeon to help you accomplish the hourglass body shape, it is imperative to comprehend what the hourglass figure truly is. Along these lines, here’s the true meaning of the hourglass shape: The hips and the mid-section (as measured around the breasts) are for all intents and purposes of uniform size, while the waistline is slim and the muscle to fat ratio ratios is flawlessly and evenly spread around the upper and lower parts of the body. From this special organization develops enlarged arms, mid-section, hips, and buttocks, notwithstanding a thin midriff and upper tummy—the most pivotal elements of a female’s appearance.

The S-curve on the back is the most essential segment of the hourglass body. If you do not have a characteristic S-curve, it can be accomplished by means of the surgical method of fat transfer to redistribute fats by adding curves or removing unwanted ones A buttock lift can be done using this method.

If you choose to get the hourglass figure through plastic surgery, you ought to consult an accomplished and qualified plastic surgeon. You must also try to learn everything you can about the different methods and procedures to get your desired shape.

The hourglass body figure: plastic surgery techniques

The following are some plastic surgery techniques that may help you accomplish the hourglass body. It is critical to comprehend that most cases require more than one of these methods to accomplish the perfect body shape. For instance, one patient may require buttocks enlargement with breast expansion, while another may require fat transfer or liposuction with breast augmentation keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the most desired shape.

Breast augmentation for the hourglass body

If you have small breast, breast augmentation can help you get the hourglass figure by expanding the projection of your breasts, improving their shape, and making your waistline seem slimmer. Augmenting your breasts will offset your general figure, which is a standout amongst the most critical components of the hourglass body.

This methodology includes the augmentation of breast by placing implants inside your breasts so that the breasts can seem fuller, rounder, and more appealing. There are two sorts of breast implants: silicone gel and saline solution. You ought to make a point to ask your plastic surgeon what sort of implant is recommended for you to give you the chance to get the hourglass body.

If you have a flat, small buttock, you may likewise be advised to get a buttock augmentation procedure alongside breast augmentation. If you have pockets of fat stored around your body, your plastic surgeon may also suggest liposuction.

Buttock augmentation for the hourglass shape

The backside of a woman is yet another critical component of the desired hourglass figure. If you do not have a normally rounder, thrilling posterior, buttock augmentation intervention can help you accomplish that. Keep in mind, the shape of your bottom is a basic component in characterizing your hourglass figure.

A plastic surgeon can help you accomplish the hourglass figure through butt enlargement, which might be performed in association with liposuction or fat augmentation. When it is performed by an accomplished and skilled plastic surgeon, you will get your curvaceous, hourglass figure.

If other parts of your body have excess fat deposits, your plastic surgeon may decide to remove it by means of liposuction and after that deliberately reinject the fat into your butt to give you a rounder form If there are no excess fat on your body, your surgeon will use buttock implants for your rear end. Your surgeon may recommend general anesthesia for this procedure that can take a few hours.

The good news is that butt augmentation will give you a shapelier, rounder, and all around improved buttock. Along with this, you might need other corrective procedures like the tummy tuck, breast enlargement, and/or body reshaping procedure.

Autologous fat transfer

Women who have more adipose deposits on the butt, thighs, and mid-region can attain the hourglass figure through fat transfer procedure. An accomplished and qualified plastic surgeon can do the fat transfer method, effectively adding wonderful curves to your body. It will please you to know that fat exchange shapes your form by removing undesirable curves and bulges,, while lifting, rounding and contouring your posterior to achieve the hourglass figure. The intervention can be finished in a couple of hours, with stunning results.

If your plastic surgeon is performing buttock augmentation by means of fat transfer, keep in mind that this is a procedure that harvests fat from all over the body, but also treats and purifies it so only the best fat cells will be re-injected in your body. The fat extraction method is painstakingly performed with the harvested fats carefully processed and decanted prior to injection..

This intervention can give you an amazing result.  Transferring fat from the belly and flanks to the hips can change a barrel shape to an hourglass figure.

The hourglass tummy tuck procedure

The hourglass tummy tuck is an advanced plastic surgery strategy that, combined with fat transfer and liposuction procedures in other areas, can give the flattest abdomen, the willowy waist, and tighter skin.

This plastic surgery intervention is especially ideal for women who desire a flatter midsection and a more appealing silhouette.

The amount of time the technique takes depends on the amount of additional skin and fat on your body. Normally, it takes approximately two to four hours for most patients. The intervention will be performed under general anesthesia.

The hourglass liposuction

Liposuction is a successful plastic surgery procedure that may help you accomplish the hourglass body by eliminating undesirable fat deposits from specific regions of the body. It is an effective technique to dispose of fat deposits of the body that withstand routine fat removal approaches such as dieting and exercises. The hourglass liposuction technique involves harvesting the fat from certain areas of the body, such as the stomach, back, flanks and eventually the transfer of fat to the hips afterward.

The liposuction technique is used to remove surplus fats from your waist, contour the hips and shape the waistline. You will get a slimmer waist and a tighter body. It is important to note that you may require another plastic surgery to get the hourglass shape. Your plastic surgeon may suggest that, aside from liposuction, you may need breast and/or butt augmentation to get the desired hourglass shape.

It is essential to frankly discuss your objectives during the initial consultation with your plastic surgeon. It is especially important to go to an experienced, highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon for help. Prior to the procedure, your general physical and mental wellbeing will be assessed. The recuperation time frame after liposuction can be painful and uncomfortable, but under normal


The hourglass shape is achievable through plastic surgery. The most popular plastic surgery techniques used to accomplish the hourglass figure are breast augmentation, butt augmentation, autologous fat transfer, hourglass tummy tuck, and liposuction. Your physical condition and what you want to achieve will determine which of these aforementioned techniques will be used.

To accomplish the genuine hourglass shape, you might be required to experience more than one of these procedures. If you have small breasts, a saggy stomach area, and overweight rear end, your plastic surgeon may suggest breast augmentation with liposuction and/or butt augmentation. It is critical that you exhaustively discuss your best options with your chosen plastic surgeon.

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