Plastic surgery and seduction

Plastic surgery and seduction

01st Aug 2019

Plastic surgery and seduction


If you watch reality shows with celebrities, you might soon discover that many of them had plastic surgery in an attempt to look more attractive. The reality is that an important reason for undergoing plastic surgery is indeed to look more aesthetically pleasing. However, this is not necessarily related to seduction. 

There are patients nowadays, especially young patients (but not exclusively), who resort to plastic surgery to seduce a partner or make him or her stay with them. What they believe is that getting bigger breasts will make them more appealing in the eyes of their partner or that getting butt implants will improve their sex life. But in a vast majority of cases, the procedures that had these kinds of reasons behind them end up being regretted by the patients. 

Plastic surgery should be used to improve the appearance of the body or make the features more harmonious or proportionate to the rest of the anatomy. This often translates into an improved quality of life, a boost of self-esteem, and a better self-image. However, this doesn’t mean that after undergoing plastic surgery, you will attract better partners. It only means that you will look your best and the rest is up to you.

Nowadays many young women resort to getting breast implants that are huge, sometimes even despite the recommendations of the plastic surgeon, because they believe this will save their relationship or make a cheating spouse stop seeing other women. This is almost never the case. There are many reasons why the partner might be cheating, and many of them are certainly not related to the physical aspect. Also, keep in mind that if your partner will only love you if you have bigger breasts, maybe he is not the right guy for you.

Undergoing plastic surgery should always be a personal choice made for personal reasons. You should want to get breast implants so you can be happier, not to make your partner happier. You should get liposuction to look thinner, not to impress your husband with the shape of your body. 

Patients undergoing plastic surgery also often discover after the procedure, they feel more seductive and become more active in the dating scene. This is a normal effect of improving the appearance of the body; however, the patient should be in the right mind frame for this.

Some partners of patients undergoing plastic surgery might be concerned about patients having the procedure for such purposes. In other words, they believe the patients want to have surgery because they ultimately want to cheat on them or get new partners. This doesn’t have anything to do with plastic surgery. Patients should undergo such procedure just because they want to improve the appearance of their bodies or correct imperfections, nothing more.


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