Plastic surgery on the buttocks: Taboo or normal?

Plastic surgery on the buttocks: Taboo or normal?

18th Oct 2018

There was a time when women were preoccupied with the issue of their buttocks being too big. This was a time when mass media was flooding us with skinny supermodels with an androgynous body figure – no shapes, no curves. But curvaceous women have always had a certain sex appeal and have always been considered more desirable since time immemorial. So it was only natural for modern beauty standards to take a turn and focus on women with beautiful large breasts and behinds. Celebrities have been among the first to align to these modern standards, and now curvaceous behinds have started to appear everywhere. The big booty trend has gone mainstream, and it appears it will stay this way as research has shown there is a connection between a big behind and a woman’s sex appeal and how she is perceived by the opposite sex.

With this big booty trend, the demand for plastic surgery on the buttocks has increased over the years. Nowadays buttock enhancement procedures are performed on both women and men all over the world. But is society ready to accept this is as normal or is it still considered a taboo topic?

Buttock shapes and the aesthetics of the buttocks

What woman doesn’t dream of having the perfect buttocks? It is only natural to have a fascination and interest in improving the appearance of the rear end. Breasts are not the only symbols of femininity and sex appeal. Buttocks come close when it comes to a woman’s beauty assets. When it comes to the buttocks, you should know that there are four main buttock types:

The A shape

This is considered the most appealing buttock shape and most women dream of having it. The A-shaped buttock is an attribute of an hourglass body figure. Plenty of celebrities over the years have enchanted us with this buttock shape. It looks good in trousers and skirts, it complements the body figure, and creates beautiful curves. But the A-shape buttock usually involves having wide hips and a small waist. Otherwise, it can’t be created. While some women might have been born with this shape, it is difficult to maintain it in time as fat deposits tend to accumulate on the midline. To create or correct an A shape with plastic surgery, the patient might need to undergo one or more procedures combined. Often, liposuction is performed on the abdomen and flanks and sometimes even the lower part of the back. The fat extracted can be used to augment the hips and even the buttocks. Butt implants can also be used as the A shape is all about projection as well.

The wide rectangular shape

This is one of the most common buttocks shapes, unfortunately. It is not very appealing as a square on your back can’t complement any anatomy, and it doesn’t look good in clothing either. The rectangular shape is wide at the upper part where it should be narrow and not wide enough on the middle part. Most often, rectangular buttocks also have no projection and patients are confronted with sagginess as well. The rectangular shape can be natural or caused by a lifetime of sitting down too much and not exercising the muscles of the butt at all.

The rectangular shape often requires implants and fat transfer to be corrected and improved.

O-shaped buttocks

While in theory, this type of buttocks should be appealing, but the reality is that the buttock becomes too big and disproportionate to the patient’s anatomy. This very round shape needs to be corrected with liposuction and a fat transfer to the hips. Often, implants can be used as well.

V-shaped buttocks

This is the most difficult shape to correct as it is the complete opposite of the desired shape of the buttocks. Aesthetically speaking, a nice buttock should have curves, and the first curve to be noticed is at the superior level of the buttocks, between the lower back and the butt cheeks. When considering V-shaped buttocks, most often there is no clear delimitation between the lower back and the beginning of the buttocks. To correct this shape, the plastic surgeon might recommend an hourglass tummy tuck aside from implants or a combination of liposuction, fat transfer, and implants. Correcting the midline is essential when working on this butt shape.

Butt remodeling options

When realizing they need to improve the appearance of their rear end, people usually start at the gym or with a diet. The buttocks are made of skin tissue, fat, and gluteal muscles. So to be able to improve the appearance of the butt, we need to work on all three elements, and it might still not be enough due to natural limitations. For example, if a woman has a naturally small buttock, even by working out at the gym for years its size won’t increase considerably, or she won’t achieve the shape she desires. To get an improvement both in terms of skin tonus, size, and shape, plastic surgery is often required.

With the help of plastic surgery on the buttocks, we can correct butt sagginess (butt lift or Brazilian butt lift), increase the size (implants or fat grafting), reduce the size (liposuction or butt lift), and even change the shape with the help of fat transfer. Aside from the appearance of the buttocks, we often also need to work on the surrounding areas (hips, thighs, midline) to create beautiful curves and an hourglass figure. This is why when considering plastic surgery for the buttocks, you need to take your time and research to find a plastic surgeon with a deep understanding of the aesthetics of the buttocks and a sense of proportion.

We have already mentioned the procedures that can be performed on the buttocks to improve their appearance, but what are the advantages of using plastic surgery?

Before anything else, you should know that physical exercises and diet combined can provide you with certain results. Usually, it is an increase in the gluteal muscle tonus combined with a decrease in the fat tissue on the buttocks. But most often than not, that fat layer on the buttocks is needed to have a round, beautiful appearance of the butt. Even when choosing plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of the rear end, the plastic surgeon might recommend to put on some weight to be eligible for certain procedures. We are talking here about fat transfer to the buttocks.

The advantages of this method are using the patient’s own fat to create volumes where needed. Some patients would say they don’t need a fat transfer to the buttocks or t hips as these features have enough fat. This is not necessarily the case. While the fat tissue might be sufficient on the buttocks, the layer of fat might be in the wrong location, hence creating an unappealing shape of the buttocks. With the help of fat grafting, we aim to create the shape that we desire.

Aside from these, there are cases when it is only plastic surgery that can provide an efficient and permanent solution, such as in cases of severe buttock sagginess that has occurred with aging or massive weight loss. In these cases, diets and physical exercises can’t fix the issue as a surgical removal of the excess skin might be required.

Remodeling the buttocks is a process that can start with healthy eating habits and a balanced fitness regimen, but in most cases, plastic surgery is required to provide permanent and superior results. After butt enhancement procedures, the plastic surgeon will advise the patient to maintain a stable weight and to have an active lifestyle to be able to sustain the results for as long as possible.


When it comes to the appearance of the buttocks, many people would say they go to the gym to get the glutes to die for. But when the perfect butt can’t be achieved with the help of physical exercises and diets, plastic surgery can help.

With the abundance of celebrities showing off buttocks that are more contoured and larger, we can easily say that the fascination with the buttocks nowadays has gone mainstream and it is no longer a taboo topic, even if the procedure doesn’t have such a long history behind it, unlike breast implants, for example.

When considering the aesthetics of the buttocks and trying to improve their shape, it is common to perform combined procedures such as liposuction and fat transfer or fat transfer and implants in the same operation. Addressing the nearby areas such as the thighs, hips, lower back and flanks is also essential when it comes to achieving the butt shape of your dreams.

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