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04th Oct 2018

Temporary side effects of the hourglass hip surgery

Like all other invasive procedures, the hourglass hip surgery entails certain temporary side effects. While the surgery can enhance your looks by making your hips wider and your waist smaller, the side effects can be a turn-off for some patients. During the pre-operative consultation, be sure to discuss with the surgeon the side effects of the surgery. If you think that you will not be comfortable with the temporary side effects of the procedure, you should rethink your decision to go under the knife.
A common temporary side effect is a change in the natural skin sensation of the hips. During the surgery, the nerves may be injured, which can cause the butt to become numb or have a different sensation. This side effect is temporary in most cases. It can take some weeks or even months for your natural sensation to return.
Secondly, you may feel pain and discomfort in your hips for several days after the surgery. The pain is normal and can be managed with painkillers in most cases. It will subside in 2-3 days after the procedure. If the pain becomes severe or prolongs, you should consult with your plastic surgeon. Severe and prolonged pain can be a sign of infection.
Next, the procedure is quite invasive, which leads to swelling. The post-operative swelling is a common, temporary side effect. The swelling happens because of the surgical trauma. Your body reacts to the trauma by creating swelling. The post-operative swelling subsides slowly. It can take several weeks and even months for the swelling to disappear. The results of the surgery will become prominent after the swelling has fully disappeared. If the swelling expands beyond the surgical area, you should seek medical help because it might be a sign of a complication.
The surgery is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia and IV sedation. The common side effects of the anesthesia include nausea, exhaustion, and sickness. These are temporary side effects and will disappear after a few days. Moreover, some patients may be allergic to the surgical tools and medicines used during the surgery. They may experience skin irritation, sickness, or itching for some days after the procedure. To be able to overcome these side effects, you must be fully prepared. Don’t forget to ask your surgeon about the side effects of the hourglass hip procedure and how to overcome them.

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