Plastic surgery for the navel

Plastic surgery for the navel

15th May 2017

Plastic surgery for the navelThere are plenty of cosmetic surgeries nowadays, each aiming to improve the appearance of a certain body part. One of these procedures is called an umbilicoplasty, also known as a belly button surgery. It is usually performed as part of a tummy tuck or a lower body lift when the belly button needs to be repositioned due to the large amount of skin removed. It can also be performed on its own to improve the appearance of your navel.

There are different reasons why patients choose to undergo an umbilicoplasty. Some have an inverted or a protruding navel they wish to change. Those who have undergone pregnancy, a caesarian section, or an unsuccessful tummy tuck may also wish to return the appearance of their navel back to its original state.

Although an umbilicoplasty helps improve the appearance of the navel, it may not be the only surgery you will need. Sometimes the appearance of the belly button is also affected by the muscles and the excess skin in the abdominal area. To remedy this, the abdominal muscles must be sewn together and the excess skin removed to achieve a tighter abdomen. Only after these procedures can the belly button be fixed.

Before deciding to proceed with an umbilicoplasty, it would be best to consult with a surgeon. S/he can determine if the muscles have a hernia that needs to be repaired, as well as suggest other surgeries you will need in order to properly fix your belly button. More often than not, a tummy tuck is recommended alongside an umbilicoplasty rather than getting an umbilicoplasty on its own. It would be best to get both procedures at the same time for easier recovery. Results would also be more desirable once the excess skin in your abdominal area is addressed.

It would be best to see a certified and experienced surgeon to assess your condition and recommend the best procedures for you in order to ensure a successful surgery you can be happy with.

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