Plastic surgery procedures for men

Plastic surgery procedures for men

05th May 2020



A large number of patients who undergo plastic surgery in the US are male. Generally, men go through aesthetic body problems for reasons that are different from females. For example, women undergo plastic surgery to look more feminine, whereas men undergo surgery to improve their masculinity. The plastic surgery procedures meant for men are similar to those developed for women, with some changes. Also, there are specific plastic surgery procedures that are dedicated to men.

The typical plastic surgery procedures that men undergo include liposuction, male breast reduction, male abdominoplasty, butt augmentation, face lift, chin reshaping, and eyelid surgery. These procedures are also common among women. To make you look more masculine with these plastic surgery procedures, the surgeon will use specific techniques, artistry, and his sense of aesthetics of the male body. Below are the plastic surgery procedures that can improve the cosmetic appearance of male patients. 


Liposuction for men

Many people assume that liposuction is dedicated to women only. But the reality is that men also get the surgery to enhance their physical appearance. Liposuction effectively reshapes the body by removing excess, stubborn fat pockets from different areas of the body. It is not only women who get stubborn fat pockets in localized areas of the body. Factors like weight gain, the use of certain medicines, and aging can also trigger the development of excess fat in the male body. 

The common body areas of men that get excess fat include the abdomen, sides, and upper back. The unwanted fat in these body areas affects the masculinity and overall physical appearance of men. It makes them look less attractive and hence results in lower self-esteem. The good news is that there is a liposuction procedure dedicated to men. The surgery is performed under IV sedation with local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will make tiny incisions on the target areas and then insert a special tube called a cannula into the area through the incision. He will then give the cannula back and forth motion to dislodge the fat cells, after which he will use a suction pump to remove the fat from the area. In the last step, he will suture and close the incisions. As a result, the patient will appear more masculine with better and youthful body shape. 


Male abdominoplasty

No one wants to have saggy abdomen, not even men. A saggy belly makes you look aged and aesthetically unwelcoming. Most men get saggy and loose abdomen in old age. For example, as you age, your abdominal muscles become loose and separate from each other, and the skin loses its elasticity. As a result, the abdomen becomes saggy. Massive weight gain followed by weight loss also causes the male stomach to become saggy. 

The male abdominoplasty procedure effectively restores a more masculine and firmer abdomen. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will first make incisions on the belly and then tighten the abdominal muscles through those incisions. In the next step, he will remove the excess skin and fat from the abdomen. He will then suture and close the incisions. As a result, your tummy will become firmer, tighter, and more masculine again. 


Male breast reduction

Male breast reduction is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in the United States. Prominent and bigger breasts are the signs of femininity. Unfortunately, many factors can trigger the development of bigger breasts in men. These include genetic factors, the use of certain medications, hormonal changes, and weight gain. When the male breasts enlarge, it affects their masculinity. It makes the patient look more feminine because prominent breasts signify femininity.

Men want to look more masculine, and enlargement of the breasts affects their self-esteem because they look feminine. The good news is that male breast reduction surgery can effectively decrease your breast size and underscore your masculinity. If your breasts have enlarged and the condition is making you feel insecure or affecting your self-esteem, you should consult with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to know your candidacy for male breast reduction surgery.

Male breast reduction is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia, after which the plastic surgeon will start the operation by making incisions on the chest. The doctor will then remove the excess glandular tissue and fat from the chest. He will also remove the excess skin from the chest and then suture and close the incisions. As a result, your enlarged breasts will be eliminated, and you will appear more masculine and aesthetically welcoming.


Butt augmentation for men

Do you think that buttock augmentation is only for women? Think again, because a large number of men are getting butt augmentation and the number is increasing at an unprecedented speed. Men do not appear masculine and aesthetically welcome when the buttocks are flatter. Your buttocks at least need to be visible and mildly prominent to enhance your masculinity. Furthermore, when the buttocks are flatter, the patient experiences difficulty wearing clothes. 

The good news is that buttock augmentation can also be performed on male patients. However, unlike female butt augmentation, the goal here is not to make the buttocks considerably bigger. Instead, some projection and volume is added to the butt. There are two options to augment the male butt: implants and fat transfer. The plastic surgeon will examine your butt and assess your health to tell you as to which of these options is suitable for you.

During butt implant surgery which is performed under general anesthesia, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the butt and then put the prosthetic implants into the butt. The surgeon will then suture and close the incisions. Butt implants come in different sizes, and most plastic surgeons recommend smaller or medium-sized implants for male patients.

On the other hand, some male patients also qualify for fat transfer to the buttocks. This procedure is suitable for men who have excess fat available in the body and want to add mild projection to the butt. During this operation, the plastic surgeon will use liposuction to remove the excess fat from different areas of the body. He will then process the fat and then inject it carefully into the buttocks. As a result, the butt will gain mild volume and projection.


Face lift for men

Many men face trouble when it comes to retaining their skin elasticity with age. As men age, the facial skin often loses its elastin and become loose. As a result, the brows droop and the jowls sag. These aesthetic changes in the face are more prominent in men than women. Luckily, the face lift surgery for men can effectively treat the cosmetic flaws in your face, improving your appearance and boosting your self-esteem. 

During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will create tiny incisions behind the ears and across the natural crease of the face so that the resulting scars can be minimal. After making the incisions, the surgeon will get access to the tissues and muscles in the face. The doctor will then use specialized techniques to reshape and tighten the face. The excess tissue and fat is also removed from the face during this process. The surgery can be customized to each patient’s needs and the problems present in the face. In the last step, the incisions are sutured and closed. 


Eyelid surgery for men

Whether you are a man or a woman, the eyes are your most expressive body parts. The eyes are the primary thing that people notice when they meet and speak with you. You also use your eyes to express different emotions that you may not want to communicate verbally. However, many aesthetic problems affect the areas surrounding the eyes of both men and women. 

For example, the eyebrows become saggy, and bags develop around the eyes. Crow’s feet and wrinkles are also common problems that affect the area around your eyes. Eyelid surgery can treat these aesthetic problems effectively. How the operation is performed depends on the specific issues that exist in the target area. However, this procedure has an excellent record of delivering useful results and making men look more masculine and attractive. 



Many people think that it is only females who undergo plastic surgery. However, the fact is that the shape and aesthetic features of the body are as important to men as they are to women. Men also experience self-esteem issues when aesthetic shortcomings or flaws happen in the body. To overcome those problems, many men resort to plastic surgery. The good news is that plastic surgery for men have excellent records of delivering useful results. To know your candidacy for any of these procedures, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

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