Plastic surgery procedures that can be combined with butt augmentation

Plastic surgery procedures that can be combined with butt augmentation

30th Dec 2017

Buttock augmentation is among the hottest trends in plastic surgery right now. Women with flatter or smaller butts are using buttock augmentation to enhance the aesthetic features and appearance of their rear ends. Even men with flatter or poorly developed butts are going under the knife to add projection and shape to their derriere.

There are two major options to augment the butts via plastic surgery: buttock implants and fat transfer. The buttock implant procedure involves the use of artificial devices called gluteal implants to increase the size of the butt. On the other hand, the fat transfer surgery uses your own body fat to add projection and shape to your booties.

One of the commonly asked questions by prospective patients is whether other body rejuvenating procedures can be used in combination with buttock augmentation. While many plastic surgery procedures can be performed in combination, when it comes to the buttock augmentation surgery, the choices are very limited and dependent on several factors.

Combo procedures

Different plastic surgeons hold different points of views when it comes to combining other plastic surgery procedures with buttock augmentation. However, the majority of them agree that the options are very limited, given that most plastic surgeries are performed on the front of the body, whereas the buttock augmentation is performed on the rear.

One of the major factors to be considered for a safe recovery after any plastic surgery procedure is to avoid the application of pressure on the treated area during recovery. This means that when plastic surgery is conducted on the butt, the patient will be required to sleep and lie on her front or side. Now, if a plastic surgery procedure like breast augmentation or tummy tuck is performed in combination with buttock augmentation, the patient will experience immense discomfort during the recovery period. The patient will be required not to sleep on both the back and front. This is one of the factors that restrict the performance of other surgeries with buttock augmentation.

There are many patients who ask whether they can combine breast and buttock implants. While it makes sense to have both procedures in combination, many plastic surgeons recommend patients to have both surgeries at separate times. There are several reasons for it; the first one being that you’d have to make a choice to either sleep on your back or front during the recovery period, which can be damaging to either your breast implants or gluteal implants and highly uncomfortable for you.

Secondly, butt implants are relatively more at risk of contracting infection during the recovery period. If an infection occurs, it may spread to your breasts, which may compel you to remove all four implants. This can be a very traumatic experience. While some surgeons may agree to go ahead with placing breast implants and butt implants at the same time, majority do not.

While performing buttock augmentation with implants, your aesthetic problems may also necessitate some fat transfer to achieve your aesthetic goals. Your plastic surgeon will examine your butt and tell you whether you need fat transfer along with implants. Many plastic surgeons perform the fat transfer in combination with implants should the need arise.

When the fat transfer is performed along with butt implants, the liposuction of the abdomen and flanks will help you achieve a smaller waist-to-hip ratio, which can give your shape the appearance of the most revered hourglass figure. Butt implants will introduce projection and volume, while the fat transfer will help sculpt your butt to make them appear curvier and rounder, in addition to slimming down your waist. The fat can be used to contour any region of your derriere that still lacks shape even after the insertion of the implants.

While the combination of fat transfer and butt implants can help you achieve dramatic aesthetic improvements and a voluptuous shape, you must discuss this option with your plastic surgeon. There are also many plastic surgeons that do not perform a combination of fat transfer and butt implants surgeries.

Patients who decide to use only fat transfer surgery to augment their buttocks can also choose to combine overall liposuction with the procedure. While liposuction will be used during the fat transfer surgery, it will strictly be limited to grafting fat to contour your buttocks. You can ask your plastic surgeon to also contour your overall figure in addition to contouring your butt. On the other hand, if you aim to combine full liposuction of your body with implant surgery, many plastic surgeons would not be ready to do this as it can be technically demanding.

The combined use of buttock augmentation (both butt implants and fat transfer) and tummy tuck is not recommended, because the complications and risks will be very high for the patient. The tummy tuck itself is a very risky and complex surgery. Your surgeon may tell you to have tummy tuck first and then go for buttock augmentation after about six months.

There are some surgeons who think that the combination of buttock augmentation and mini tummy tuck is safer if you are in better health and the procedure is being performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is highly experienced in performing combination procedures. However, most surgeons consider it very risky.


There is no doubt that when two or more surgeries are combined, the risks, side effects, and potential complications add up. While the use of combination procedures is becoming a trend, the choices are very limited when it comes to combining other plastic surgery procedures with the buttock augmentation. You will face higher risks, discomfort, and complications during the recovery period.

When procedures like breast augmentation and tummy tuck are combined with butt augmentation, the patient will experience immense discomfort, pain, and trauma during the recovery period. This is the reason why many plastic surgeons avoid combining buttock augmentation with major plastic surgery procedures that target the front side of the body.

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