Plastic surgery trends 2019

Plastic surgery trends 2019

14th Sep 2020

Undergoing plastic surgery is no longer a taboo nowadays, and millions of patients undergo different procedures each year all over the globe. While some procedures have been consistently in demand for years, there are others that see a rise in popularity each year. Today we will discuss the plastic surgery trends in 2019:

1.    Breast reduction

While breast augmentation with implants has been among the most performed plastic surgery procedures for the last few years, the exact opposite procedure is seeing a rise in demand and is predicted to be among the procedures preferred by patients in 2019.

Breast reduction is more than an aesthetic procedure; it is performed to increase mobility and functionality for the patient, as well as help her avoid permanent damage to the body caused by the excessive weight of her breasts.

An explanation to the increase in demand for breast reduction surgery might be the fact that women want to invest in their health, and it is a known fact that overly large breasts can impact the health of the patient in negative ways.

Breast reduction surgery can also be performed to achieve a more harmonious body and good proportions. Women active in the professional field, as well as athletes, are often candidates interested in the procedure. At the same time, mothers who have had multiple pregnancies and are left with excessively large and saggy breasts might choose to undergo the procedure to enhance the appearance of their breasts and correct imperfections. 

Keep in mind that if the patient is suffering from gigantomastia, which is the excessive development of the mammary gland, it might be necessary to undergo more than one procedure to achieve the desired results. 

2.    Liposculpture

By liposculpture, we define a combination of liposuction and fat transfer. These two procedures performed together allow for a redistribution of fat that can considerably enhance the overall appearance of the body. Using liposculpture, the patient can achieve the beautiful hourglass body shape that is the most feminine body shape. Liposculpture is a delicate procedure and should only be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon to maximize the results that can be achieved with it. Despite it being a less invasive procedure, the results can be spectacular if the patient has the right guidance and the procedure is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. 

Liposculpture leaves behind almost invisible scars, and this contributes to the appeal it has on patients. Moreover, liposculpture is the only method available nowadays that allows for a redistribution of fat. 

3.    Intimate rejuvenation procedures

More and more women are looking to improve their sex life and get closer to the big O by resorting to plastic surgery. There are also procedures that can be performed to correct congenital defects and also to make the genitals look more aesthetically pleasing, and patients are more and more interested in undergoing these types of procedures.

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