Popular procedures in 2018

Popular procedures in 2018

10th Mar 2020


With each year, there is an increase in demand for plastic surgery of all kinds. Patients from different economic backgrounds are interested in undergoing certain procedures to enhance the features of the body, correct imperfections, and get an overall improved body appearance. 

While there is a request for all plastic surgery procedures performed nowadays, some are more in demand than others. Breast augmentation with implants and liposuction continued to be the most frequently performed plastic surgeries in 2018. Breast implant surgery can provide a considerable increase in the volume of the breasts in just one operation by using implants made out of silicone gel or saline solution. The procedure is safe, and numerous studies and research have discovered that there is no connection between breast cancer and the use of implants. 

Liposuction is the procedure performed to get rid of localized fat deposits from different areas of the body. With liposuction, we can address areas such as the abdominal wall, flanks, upper and lower back, but also areas with a small surface such as the knees, ankles, and even the arms. The procedure is performed as a stand-alone but also with other procedures such as body liftings, tummy tuck, and even breast lift. Liposuction is the only method that we have available today that can eliminate fat only from certain areas of the body and not the whole body.

While breast implant surgery and liposuction have been among the most performed procedures for several years now, there are other procedures that become more and more popular with each year. These are the procedures performed on the buttocks to increase projection or give the buttocks a better shape. People have been fascinated with buttocks for quite some years now, and the number of celebrities with large, sexy buttocks is overwhelming now. Nowadays we all want bigger, more appealing buttocks as the rear end is a real symbol of sex appeal. 

The procedures performed on the buttocks range from liposuction to the traditional butt lift, but most commonly performed are butt implant surgery and the Brazilian butt lift. Butt implant surgery, just like breast augmentation with implants, entails the use of external prostheses that are inserted in pockets inside the butt to create an increase in volume. Butt implants are different and more durable than breast implants, and they don’t need to be changed or replaced after the surgery unless a complication occurs. Butt implant surgery is very effective in increasing the projection of the buttocks as the implants are inserted into the upper part of the butt. When it comes to enhancing the shape of the buttocks, it is the Brazilian butt lift that is more recommended. This procedure is recommended for patients with an excess of fat tissue in other areas of the body. 

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