Is It Possible for Older Women to Have Breast Augmentation?

Is It Possible for Older Women to Have Breast Augmentation?

04th Jul 2014

Breast augmentation has grown very popular over the years. In fact, here at our Houston plastic surgery practice, it is one of the frequently discussed procedure during initial consultations. We have also noticed lately that an increasing number of women in their 50s and beyond are asking whether or not they can have breast enhancement surgery.

Older Women Can Certainly Have Breast Augmentation!

There is no age limit as to who can choose to have breast implants. Although majority of women who choose to have breast enhancement surgeries are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, women who are beyond their middle age may also opt to have surgery given that the following factors are taken into careful and thorough consideration: 

  • State of your general health – Aging is not only manifested through the appearance of wrinkles and folds. As one ages, diseases and certain health conditions also start to make their presence known. Thus, older women who choose to have breast augmentation should make sure that they are free from health problems or such conditions are well-controlled. Dr. Cortes will thoroughly review one’s medical history during personal consultations.

  • State of your skin – One may be already familiar with how the skin tends to lose its elasticity as one ages. By and large, optimal healing from breast augmentation is achieved when your skin is still in excellent shape. When a patient presents herself with a significant amount of sagging, a breast lift is often recommended in conjunction with breast augmentation with implants.

  • Impact of breast implants on mammograms and similar future screenings – Although breast implants have no known association on whether or not you’ll have breast cancer later in life, it has been shown that it can have a significant impact on the visibility of breast tissues during mammograms. Every so often, a submuscular placement (under the muscle) is recommended for women who regularly get mammograms as it has been shown to improve visibility of breast tissues in breast cancer screening. In addition, submuscular placement allows for a more natural look and reduces the chances of rippling when having saline implants.

Your Personalized Breast Augmentation Plan by Dr. Cortes

Your age should not stop you in getting the body you want and deserve! Allow us to design your personalized breast augmentation plan by getting in touch with us. Call us at 713.234.6244 or fill out this contact form to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Cortes. We look forward to your visit!


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