Post-operative care after breast surgery

Post-operative care after breast surgery

09th Mar 2018

Breast enhancement surgery procedures are commonly performed nowadays all over the United States. The aim of the procedure is to correct an imperfection of the breasts or just to enhance their appearance. Many women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery, breast lift surgery, and even breast reduction surgery to feel better about their body and to boost self-esteem and confidence.

As is the case with any surgical procedure, it is normal to feel a certain level of pain and discomfort. In a vast majority of cases, after the surgery is performed, the patient is allowed to return home within hours after waking up from the general anesthesia. This means that the recovery process happens at home and the patient is responsible for the post-operative care.

The instructions for post-op care will be provided by your plastic surgeon even before the procedure. Moreover, you will be required to schedule an appointment during the first week post-op to allow him to assess your condition and see how the recovery process is going.

The important rules for post-operative care after breast surgery are looking after the surgical incision, wearing the compression garments, and avoiding demanding physical exercises.

It is mandatory for the patient to check the condition of the surgical incision and keep the area dry and clean at all times. Proper hygiene of the surgical site can ensure a faster recovery process and help the patient avoid severe complications such as infection. Suitable post-op care involves the changing of the dressing as per the plastic surgeon’s instructions and avoiding putting any other products on the incisions unless recommended by the doctor who performed the procedure.

Another important part of post-operative care after breast surgery is wearing compression garments. Compression garments are a compressive bra that can offer the right amount of support for the new breasts. This can be a simple but very good quality sports bra or a special post-op bra that your plastic surgeon might recommend. Rely on your plastic surgeon for advice related to how this post-op bra should be, details about the brands, and even the right sizing. After surgery, the new breasts will need support and a certain level of compression that will help reduce the swelling and bruising that commonly occur after plastic surgery.

The recovery period is associated with a certain amount of pain, but this pain is easily alleviated with the help of analgesic medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon. In other words, if you take your pills as per your doctor’s order, you won’t be confronted with intense pain. However, exercising or performing physically demanding activities during the recovery period can cause an increased level of pain that is often felt especially at the end of the day.

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