Pre-operative check-up list for butt surgery

Pre-operative check-up list for butt surgery

24th Sep 2019



When it comes to undergoing surgery, things are never easy. If it happens after an accident, there is little the patient can do to prepare, but plastic surgery is performed on an elective basis, so this means that often, patients have a few months to prepare. The preparation period is important as the patient needs to do certain things in advance to ensure a short and smooth recovery period after plastic surgery.

Butt enhancement is commonly performed nowadays. One of the most difficult things to consider about the surgery is how to deal with the recovery period. During this time, the patient needs to adopt a certain behavior such as not sitting directly on the buttocks or sleeping on the back, taking the medication and avoiding intense physical activities. Even during the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, you will receive a list with dos and don’ts before and after the procedure that will allow you to better prepare for the procedure.

In this article, we have prepared a pre-operative check-up list for butt surgery that you can consult and even discuss with the surgeon during your meeting.


  1.   Pain medication

A normal side effect after any type of surgery is the presence of pain. After butt enhancement, pain and discomfort can occur, especially in the first few days post-op. The pain is not overly intense, but the discomfort can be accentuated by the fact that you can’t sit or rest on the buttocks. Because of this, it is important to take the pain medication that the doctor will prescribe. You will be asked about your tolerance to pain and also if you are currently taking any medication or have any allergies. The plastic surgeon will prescribe the pain medication according to multiple factors, including the ones we have just mentioned. For some patients, simple analgesics will be enough while others will be prescribed stronger pills. Keep in mind that the stronger the pill, the higher the chances for it to have side effects such as nausea.

Make sure to get the pain medication in advance and have them in handy when getting back from the medical facility. Chances are you won’t feel much pain the day of the surgery due to the anesthesia, but for the next days, the discomfort might be increased. 


  1.   Antibiotics

Aside from pain medication, you will also be prescribed antibiotics to take after surgery. Many patients interested in undergoing the procedure find it difficult to understand the need to take antibiotics when there is no infection present. Antibiotics are prescribed for preventive purposes after surgery. This means that the plastic surgeon is trying to prevent a potential infection by recommending antibiotics for five days post-op. Moreover, you should know that the patient will receive antibiotics through the IV even during the surgery for the same purpose. 

When butt implant surgery is performed, the plastic surgeon will make incisions in the fold between the buttocks, so it is very close to the anus. The anus is an area predisposed to bacterial proliferation, so it is not ideal to be close to an incision site. This incision placement is preferred as the scars are not visible after they are completely healed and matured, even when the patient is wearing lingerie or swimsuit. However, this makes the recovery period a bit more difficult and associated with a higher risk of developing an infection.

The patient should start taking antibiotics after surgery or according to the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. 


  1.   Ice packs

A common side effect that occurs in all cases after surgery is swelling. Swelling will affect the operated areas, as well as the surrounding areas in some cases. The swelling and bruising will occur within the first few days post-op and will affect the patient for a few weeks or even months in some cases. There is little that we can do about the swelling; however, your plastic surgeon might advise you to apply ice packs on the operated areas to reduce it. Also, Arnica Montana supplements might be recommended. The ice packs should be used mainly during the first few days post-op to avoid excessive swelling. You can apply an ice pack for about ten minutes every hour or couple of hours, but make sure not to apply it directly on the skin and remove it if you feel the skin freezing underneath it. It is important not to damage the skin in the area while using the ice packs, so patients are advised to use it carefully. Aside from the ice packs, wearing the compression garments at all times for the first few weeks will also help decrease the swelling. 


  1.   Special pillow

For a minimum of three weeks post-op, patients are advised to avoid sitting on the buttocks or lying on the back. If this recommendation is not followed, there is a high risk of opening the incisions or shifting the implants, both severe complications that are better avoided than treated. While at the beginning of the recovery period the recommendation is just to rest and sleep on the tummy, patients can eventually use a special pillow to place under the hamstring muscles when sitting down. Make sure to ask about the special pillow and discuss this with your plastic surgeon. 


  1.   Food and drinks

The recovery period is not like a vacation when you get to spend time at home and catch up on the things you always wanted to do and rarely get a chance to. This means that at least for a few days post-op, it is very likely that you will not be interested in shopping. This means that before going to your procedure, you should go shopping and get enough food to last you at least a week. Moreover, make sure to get healthy, nutritious food that is high in proteins and fibers and avoid fast food or over processed meats. Good quality food and a proper level of hydration will ensure you have a smooth and fast recovery process and so that complications are avoided. Keep in mind that constipation can often occur in patients undergoing surgery. You can ask the plastic surgeon for an over-the-counter recommendation to help you deal with constipation in case it occurs.

The plastic surgeon will also advise you to drink plenty of water. Other recommended drinks are herbal infusions and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. It is preferable to avoid carbonated and caffeinated beverages as they could make you feel bloated or trigger other discomforts. 


  1.   Entertainment

At the beginning of the recovery period, there will be very few things you will be able to do due to the discomfort associated with the procedure. You will be required to get off the bed and walk around for a few minutes every couple of hours, but the rest of the time is mostly spent in bed. To not get bored, make sure you have prepared entertainment for this period. Movies, books, magazines, and even games are good options during this time. 


  1.   House readiness

If you have been postponing changing those bedsheets or cleaning the kitchen, you should do it before undergoing surgery as chances are you won’t feel like doing it for at least a week post-op. Moreover, you will appreciate returning to a clean and ready home, and clean sheets will be a blessing when sleeping on the tummy all the time.


  1.   Informing loved ones

While you will want to focus on you and your needs before and after the surgery, it is also important to discuss the recovery period with your loved ones. You will have to find someone to take you to and from the hospital on the day of the surgery and also spend the next couple of days with you just to help around.



Butt enhancement is performed with the aim of improving the buttocks affected by factors such as genetics, significant weight fluctuations, and even traumas or accidents. The procedures are performed on an elective basis, and patients are advised to prepare before undergoing the surgery properly. In this article, we have discussed the pre-operative check-up list for butt surgery and mentioned some of the things you need to do or have in the house upon your return from the medical facility. 


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