Precautions to take after a breast lift

Precautions to take after a breast lift

22nd Jan 2019

Precautions To Take After A Breast Lift


The breast lift is frequently performed nowadays on patients of different ages. The procedure can be performed with breast implant surgery and even a breast reduction, depending on the specific characteristics of the patient and the desired results.

Mastopexy is a safe and simple procedure that can boast impressive results that can lead to an increased self-esteem and self-image for the patient. If the procedure is successful, the patient will enjoy having perky, firm, youthful-looking breasts once again. But it is important to know that the success of the procedure is not only dependent on the skills and experience of the plastic surgeon, but also the patient’s commitment to follow the post-operative rules.

Just like any other type of surgical procedure, there are some precautions to take after a breast lift. Before anything else, the patient must understand that the breast lift is a surgical procedure and this means that a recovery period will follow. The patient has to be prepared to take time off from work for the recovery period. Moreover, activities need to be resumed gradually to make sure that complications are avoided.

For the first few days, the patient should avoid lifting the breasts over the shoulders and also lifting heavy things off the ground. This is important because otherwise the incisions might open and can trigger other complications.

Antibiotics are recommended for five days after the procedure. This is a precaution your doctor will advise you to take. The antibiotics have the role of preventing potential infection from occurring.

The special post-op bra that your plastic surgeon will insist you wear around the clock after the breast lift is another rule that should be followed. The bra has an important role in giving your breasts the support they need and also can help with reducing the swelling.

Sleeping on the back is recommended after surgery. Any unnecessary pressure put on the breasts for the first two or three weeks can trigger wound opening, and this is something that can and should be avoided.

Another thing you should do in order to avoid a potential infection is to keep the operated area clean and dry at all times. This means that proper hygiene is mandatory during the recovery period.

Resuming work can happen after two weeks, but if your job involves intense or physically demanding activities, you should discuss this issue with the plastic surgeon as he might recommend a longer time off from work. Physical exercises can usually be resumed a month after, as long as the patient understands the need to take things slowly and gradually. Make sure to wear the special bra for at least two to three months after the procedure.


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