Pregnancy and butt enhancement procedures

Pregnancy and butt enhancement procedures

05th Feb 2021


Females are very body-conscious and sensitive about their physical appearance. Aesthetic problems in the female body often create self-esteem issues for them and cause them to think about getting cosmetic treatments. The buttocks are among the essential cosmetic areas of the body and define the femininity and physical beauty of women. As such, women with smaller buttocks often decide to undergo butt enhancement procedures to augment and enhance their buttocks and overall physical appearance.

The most sought-after buttock enhancement procedure is butt augmentation surgery. This procedure increases the size of the buttocks and enhances their physical features. There are two types of butt enhancement procedures: via implants and fat transfer. Many women wonder as to when is a suitable time is to get butt enhancement: before or after pregnancy. Also, they want to know as to how pregnancy will affect the results of butt enhancement and whether it is safe to get butt enhancement during pregnancy. I will answer all of these questions below.

Pregnancy and your candidacy for buttock enhancement

Many women think that butt enhancement is a simple procedure and that they can undergo the procedure without taking pregnancy into account. But the fact is that butt enhancement is an invasive procedure, and like all invasive procedures, there are certain preconditions that the patient has to meet to be a good candidate. One such requirement is that you must not be pregnant or not planning to get pregnant after the surgery.

Even though pregnancy after the surgery may not affect the results considerably, it may still introduce aesthetic flaws to the buttocks. It is recommended that you should get butt enhancement preferably after pregnancy and when you no longer want to have more babies. Plastic surgeons always tell patients that pregnancy is a dominant factor that is responsible for introducing aesthetic flaws to the female body. In most cases, multiple pregnancies can affect the contour, size, and shape of the buttocks.

When you are pregnant, your body experiences hormonal changes that ultimately result in physical changes in your body. Your buttock size and shape will change as a result. For instance, your buttocks may expand, and their shape may look abnormal during pregnancy. In the weeks and months after childbirth, your buttocks may shrink and look smaller.

The plastic surgeon will discuss the element of pregnancy and butt enhancement during the consultation session. He will ask whether you are pregnant or want to get pregnant after the surgery. In case you are pregnant, the surgeon will not perform the procedure on you because it can be life-threatening for you and your baby. If you want to get pregnant after the procedure, the surgeon will advise you first to have your baby and then think about getting butt enhancement.

Pregnancy before butt enhancement

Pregnancy is one of the leading factors that your plastic surgeon will take into account when determining your candidacy. If you want to get pregnant after the surgery, the doctor will advise you to postpone the operation until you are done with having a baby. You can get pregnant before the surgery and have your baby instead of being pregnant after the surgery.

Pregnancy before the surgery does not affect your candidacy unless and until you are not pregnant at the time of the procedure. For this reason, patients are told to share their complete plan with the plastic surgeon, including their intention to get pregnant. If you don’t share this information with the plastic surgeon, it can affect the surgery and its outcomes.

Pregnancy after buttock enhancement surgery

Buttock enhancement is a major plastic surgery procedure, be it implants or fat transfer. During butt implant surgery, the doctor will put external implants into the buttocks. Butt implants are made of semi-solid silicone material that is immune to ruptures and leaks. These implants are recommended for people who want to get considerably bigger buttocks. The results are permanent because once you get the implants, they are there to stay in your booty forever.

On the other hand, fat transfer involves the use of your body fat to enhance your booty. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will use liposuction to extract the excess fat from different areas of your body and then inject the fat into your buttocks. This procedure is suitable for you if you want to add some projection and more shape to your buttocks and achieve natural results.

Whether you opt to get implants or fat transfer, pregnancy after the procedure will not have severe implications for the results. However, it will affect the outcomes to some extent. When you get pregnant, your buttocks will become large and abnormally shaped. But after you give birth to your baby, your buttocks will become stable and normal again. However, the size and shape of the buttocks will not be the same as they were after a butt enhancement procedure.

When it comes to fat transfer, much of the prominence of your buttocks is achieved by removing the excess fat from the areas surrounding your buttocks, such as the love handles, lower back, upper back, and sides. When you get pregnant after fat transfer, it can affect the achieved results by triggering the development of stubborn fat pockets in the treated areas.

For the reasons explained above, it is recommended that you should avoid undergoing fat transfer if you want to get pregnant after the procedure. Instead, you should postpone the procedure for now, get pregnant, and have a baby. After that, you can safely undergo surgery if you have no more plan to get pregnant again.

How soon after childbirth can you get butt enhancement surgery?

Since it is always recommended to undergo butt enhancement after childbirth, many women want to know as to how soon after giving birth they can undergo the procedure. If you have postponed your plan to get butt enhancement because you wanted to get pregnant and have a baby, you will be able to undergo surgery six months after the birth of your baby. Furthermore, if you are breastfeeding your child, butt enhancement is not recommended if you are still breastfeeding because the anesthetic can affect your baby’s health through your breast milk. You can undergo surgery a few months after you stop breastfeeding your baby.

Can you undergo buttock enhancement during pregnancy?

One of the common questions about breast enhancement is whether it is possible to undergo surgery while pregnant. The answer is that it is not possible for the patient to get the surgery while she is pregnant. Plastic surgery during pregnancy is always discouraged. Women experience emotional and mental pain during pregnancy due to the hormonal and physical changes taking place in their body. As a result, they feel an internal pressure to fix the aesthetics of their body. But keep in mind that undergoing plastic surgery when pregnant is not only life-threatening to you but also to your baby.

Instead of thinking about getting butt enhancement during pregnancy, you should take care of yourself and your baby. You can spend time by remaining engaged in different activities to cope with the emotional trauma that you might be experiencing. During butt enhancement surgery, anesthesia and other medicines are administered to the patient and incisions are placed on the body. The surgery itself is risky even without pregnancy, more so when you are pregnant. Butt enhancement is an elective procedure that is used for cosmetically enhancing the booty, and you must not take life-threatening risks for yourself and your baby just for the sake of your aesthetic goals.

Before any plastic surgery procedure, including butt enhancement, it is compulsory for the patient to have specific tests and scans done. One of the tests required is a pregnancy test. If it turns out you are pregnant, the plastic surgeon will tell you to come for butt enhancement at least six months after you deliver your baby.


One of the hot subjects that many women discuss with cosmetic surgeons is the relationship between the candidacy for butt enhancement and pregnancy. Some patients think that they can undergo butt enhancement whether they are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. In this article, I have explained the association between pregnancy and butt enhancement. Generally, you should avoid butt enhancement surgery if you want to get pregnant. If you are already pregnant, you must not undergo any invasive procedure, including butt enhancement. You can consider getting the procedure at least six months following childbirth.  

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