Pregnant with breast implants

Pregnant with breast implants

03rd Dec 2019

Pregnant with breast implants


Breast implant surgery is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the world. It allows women to get the breasts of their dreams with a beautiful shape and just the right size. Moreover, the increase in the volume of the breasts happens technically in a matter of hours. Of course, the procedure is followed by a short recovery period of about two weeks and three to six more months during which the results become stable and permanent. 

Breast implant surgery is associated with certain risks and potential complications just like any other surgical procedure; however, one of the most common questions we hear from patients during the pre-operative consultation is related to getting pregnant again after getting implants.

Patients are worried about how breast implants would affect a potential ulterior pregnancy. Before anything else, you should know that a responsible plastic surgeon will always advise patients to undergo the procedure when they know their family is complete and they have no desire to have more children in the future. This recommendation is given not because breast implant surgery entails difficulties during pregnancy for the mother or the child, but because the aesthetic results achieved can be altered during an ulterior pregnancy. 

When pregnant, there are many changes that occur in the body, especially the breasts and the tummy. We are talking here about hormonal changes, but also weight changes. The breasts can increase their size considerably during pregnancy, either due to hormonal causes or a result of gaining weight that naturally occurs during this time. This means that the results of the surgery won’t look the same if the natural tissues of the breasts are undergoing changes. What often happens to patients getting pregnant after breast surgery with implants is that the size of the breasts increases during pregnancy and decreases after breastfeeding stops. As a result, the breasts become saggy and with a different look than after the surgery was performed.

Aside from the risk of altering the beautiful results, there are no other reasons for which the patient shouldn’t get pregnant after getting implants. Breast implants are either made out of silicone or saline solution and they are completely safe for both the mother and the baby, as numerous studies performed over the years demonstrate. Being pregnant and with breast implants are not associated with other risks or potential complications, not even related to the ability to breastfeed after childbirth. However, if you know that you want more children and that your breasts tend to go through a lot of changes during pregnancy, maybe it would be a better idea to schedule the procedure after your family is complete. Make sure to discuss the pros and cons of being pregnant and with breast implants with the plastic surgeon even during the pre-operative consultation to make sure you have all the facts before making a decision.


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