Prepare for buttock augmentation things to do

30th May 2017

There are many people who think that aesthetic plastic surgery is not a ‘real’ surgery. They often think that cosmetic procedures are free of risks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Plastic surgery is defined as a surgical specialty that involves the restoration, enhancement, reconstruction or alteration of the human body. By its definition, it involves incisions and the use of anesthesia, which comes with attendant risks common to other surgical interventions. The same holds true for buttock augmentation surgery.

Butt augmentation carries a number of risks, so it is important to determine your candidacy for the operation carefully. In my practice, I do preliminary and full examination of all patients who want to undergo buttock augmentation. There are a number of medical tests that must be done to ensure you are in good physical health to undergo the surgery.

Even if you are generally healthy, you will still be required to undergo some basic tests and pre-operative examinations. Your blood pressure will be examined. Since buttock augmentation is usually performed under general anesthesia, you will need bloodwork, urine sample, cbc and basic metabolic profile and pregnancy tests.

It is also critical for your surgeon to know if your heart can handle general anesthesia while undergoing buttock augmentation. As a rule, if you are more than 50 years, you will need to go through EKG and stress tests to ascertain if there are any abnormalities in the heart.

The pre-op tests you will need prior buttock augmentation can vary from surgeon to surgeon. Some surgeons can ask for more tests and scans while others stick to the bare minimum. In my practice, I take the tests and scans very seriously. Your health and wellbeing are my paramount concerns. I will require a number of tests to properly determine your candidacy for buttock augmentation. If you have any existing medical issues, I will need a letter from your primary care doctor to clear you for surgery.

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