Preparing for a brazilian butt lift

Preparing for a brazilian butt lift

14th Jul 2017

If you decide to do a Brazilian butt lift, the first step in preparing for the surgery is to do a consultation with several doctors to find the most suitable one for you. The Brazilian butt lift is a major surgery that enhances your buttocks by using your own body fat. Being prepared for the surgery is key to getting impressive results from the procedure.

Before you consult with a plastic surgeon, make sure that your wish to undergo the Brazilian butt lift is entirely for you, without any influence from other people around you. You should not do this procedure if you are unsure or are simply doing it to please other people.

Once you are sure, your initial consultation with a plastic surgeon is your opportunity to ask a lot of questions and get maximum information about the surgery. Furthermore, this is the time for you to assess the surgeon and establish a good rapport with him or her. During your initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks, go through your medical records, and ask you about your expectations from the Brazilian butt lift. Your surgeon will make sure that you have reasonable goals to prepare you for the Brazilian butt lift. The surgeon will also guide you on what to do to prepare for the surgery and what to expect after it.

If you are a smoker, you will need to stop smoking for about 4-6 weeks before the surgery. This is because smoking can severely hinder your healing process after the surgery.

To better prepare yourself for the day, make sure to ask your surgeon explains all the steps involved in the surgery, including the type of anesthesia to be used and incisions to be created. If you are currently taking medications, your surgeon may tell you to stop taking them. For example, aspirin can cause excessive bleeding during the surgery, so you would be told to stop taking it several weeks before the procedure. Furthermore, your surgeon will advise you to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages in order to save you from any potential complications during and after the Brazilian butt lift.

On the day before your surgery, make sure that all your lab tests are complete and sent to the surgeon. Your doctor may prescribe you antibiotics to be taken for a few days before the surgery, so your risk of infections during the surgery is minimized. Some surgeons also recommend their patients to shower with Chlorhexidine soap for a few days before the surgery.

In addition, your surgeon will tell you to stop eating and drinking several hours before the surgery. You must strictly follow all these instructions because it is for your benefit.

Your surgeon may encourage you to wear loose-fitting garments on the day of the surgery in order to help you stay loose and relaxed. Make sure to leave your jewelry and other valuable items at home.

It is important to have someone accompany you to the surgical facility and at home after the surgery. They will have to drive you home from the hospital or clinic after the procedure because you will still be groggy. The first 24 hours after a Brazilian butt lift are a crucial part of your recovery, and you should have someone to take care of you during this time. Moreover, you will not be allowed to do any strenuous activities, so you should have someone to do your household chores for the first week after the surgery.

As a result, there are several things you need to prepare, and some will involve other people’s help. Remember, preparing for a Brazilian butt lift is not only the key to getting effective results with the procedure, but also to decreasing the risks involved.

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