Preparing for a breast lift

Preparing for a breast lift

16th Dec 2019


The pre-operative consultation is an important meeting with the plastic surgeon you have chosen to play out your procedure. During this time, the details as well as your candidacy for the procedure will be discussed in detail. You will find out how to prepare for the surgery and how to easily navigate the recovery period.

Most of the important details of the procedure will be found out during this consultation, and this is the reason why it is essential for the patient to show up prepared for the consultation, especially if we are talking about a procedure so complex and delicate as the breast lift.

You might wonder why it is necessary to prepare for the pre-operative consultation when the whole point of this consultation is to make the details clear for you. However, what you need to understand is that it is preferable for you to have an idea about what the procedure entails so you can ask questions so all your concerns are addressed in one session.

I often advise my patients to make a list of questions and concerns as soon as they decide they want to resort to plastic surgery to improve their breasts. This means a list where they write down all their ideas, expectations, worries, things they have heard of and don’t know if they are true, and so on. It is important to have them written down when going to the consultation as otherwise you might forget one or many of them and return home with unanswered questions. 

To be ready to undergo the breast lift, patients should know all the details and exactly what the long-term consequences will be. Moreover, it is important for them to know what happens during surgery and also during the recovery period. 

In preparation for the consultation, patients can also look at before and after pictures of patients with a similar anatomy. By doing so, you can get an idea about the results to be and discuss them with the plastic surgeon. You can bring the pictures with you to the pre-operative consultation if you feel it will help you explain what you want better.

Another thing that patients interested in undergoing the breast lift should do before the consultation is to think about the volume and shape of the breasts. The breast lift aims to elevate the breasts higher on the chest wall; however, if the patient is unhappy with the shape or volume of the breasts, implants or breast reduction can be performed at the same time while leaving behind just the scars that are required for the breast lift.

Preparing for a consultation is important, and patients should also make sure they have all the details of their medical history, current medication, and allergies when going to meet the plastic surgeon. 

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