Preparing for your plastic surgery: the day before

Preparing for your plastic surgery: the day before

22nd Sep 2017

Proper preparation before plastic surgery helps to achieve a successful result. The patient should work well with the surgeon in order to determine what preparatory measures to take. Some things should be done weeks or months before the surgery, such as not smoking, stopping or changing medications, and diet. Along with these, there are also things that can be done the day before the surgery.

One of the things that should be done the day before the surgery is the purchase of the prescribed medications to be used after the surgery. Surgeons will be prescribing antibiotics and some pain relievers that should be taken after the surgery. It is important to buy them in advance or the day before the surgery so that everything is ready after the procedure.

Although patients can feel a bit of anxiety before the surgery, it would still be best to make sure they have enough sleep the night before. This helps provide the body with adequate rest so that it can be ready for surgery the next day. Having a well-rested body will help make sure that the patient can handle the tissue damage due to the surgical incisions.

Most surgeries will require patients to prevent getting the area or the incision site wet. This just means that it can be challenging to take a bath or wash their hair. Before the surgery or a day before, it would be best to wash the hair because patients won’t be able to do it on their own for a couple of days or even a week. Taking a shower is also best to make sure the body and skin are clean before surgery. This also removes the oils, lotions, and other products on the skin that can prevent the monitors from sticking properly.

It is also required to fast or not to eat or drink for several hours before the surgery. It is common to start the fasting at midnight before the surgery, but it will also depend on the time when the surgery is scheduled. Other surgeons don’t require their patients to fast, but they do require them to eat a light meal. Through the action of the anesthesia, the food or drink that the patient consumed may come up to the lungs and cause fatal pneumonia. The fasting is done as a precaution.

Patients should also make sure they prepare the loose-fitting clothes to wear at the hospital or health facility where the surgery will be done. With loose clothes, it will be easier to dress up after surgery. Patients should also make sure they have already prepared more loose-fitting clothes they will wear at home throughout their recovery period.

It is also best to make arrangements so that someone can assist and help the patient to go home after the surgery. If possible, it is best to have a companion to have in the house during the entire recovery period. This way, it will be easier and more comfortable for them to move, eat, and get well after the surgery.

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