Procedures to compliment your buttock augmentation

Procedures to compliment your buttock augmentation

02nd Mar 2018

Buttock augmentation is a very effective plastic surgery procedure for women who have small, flat, saggy, poorly shaped, or uneven bottoms because it adds projection to booties making it appear larger, rounder, curvier, and fuller.

Having said that, many patients ask this important question – “what procedures can compliment the buttock augmentation surgery?” The answer to this question can be determined once we understand the two ways of achieving the butts you desire, and that can be done through fat transfer or buttock implant insert.

For butt augmentation, the fat transfer procedure will make use of your own body fat whereas the buttock implants surgery utilizes silicone implants. The fat transfer method is done to make your butts toned, rounder, and shapelier, whereas butt implants is used to make your butts larger.

Both procedures can effectively correct the aesthetic flaws in your rear ends, thus, will boost your self-confidence and self-image as a result. After the surgery, your butts will be aesthetically appealing and voluptuous.

Procedures to compliment butt augmentation

There are many other plastic surgery procedures that can be done on the front side of the body that will be complimentary to the improved butt, but unfortunately the choices are very limited when it comes to doing it together with the buttock enhancement procedures. One of the reasons that restrict combining other procedures with buttock augmentation is the healing of the butts after the surgery.

After a buttock augmentation, for both fat transfer and buttock implants surgeries, patients are not allowed to sit or sleep on their backs for 2-3 weeks after the surgery since the butts are delicate yet after an implant or fat graft. It is to avoid any kind of pressure or force on the newly operated rear because it may damage the implant or fat graft or cause opening of the incisions. The recovery period is always critical in determining the success of the procedure. Also, the same restriction is applied to plastic surgery procedures performed on the front side of the body. For example, if tummy tuck or breast enhancement has been performed on a patient, the patient will be not be allowed to sleep or rest on her front side during the recovery period.

Since most plastic surgery procedures are performed on the front side of the body, the only option for the patient is to have the secondary procedure performed after completely healing from the trauma of the butt augmentation procedure or vice versa.

Despite these limitations, some surgeons perform procedures like the tummy tuck and breast enhancement together with buttock augmentation. While the procedures can be performed safely, the patient will have to endure greater discomfort during the recovery period, as the patient will not be able to rest on both her back and front sides. The only option for her is to rest and sleep on her side.

Liposuction is the only plastic surgery procedure that can be done to compliment buttock augmentation. Because the procedure is less invasive, it can be safely performed in combination with the buttock augmentation surgery. Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that contours the body by removing stubborn fat deposits from localized areas of the body, such as the abdomen, sides, flanks, and thighs. The procedure involves the placement of tiny incisions for removal of the fat from the target areas.

Liposuction is part of the procedure in the fat transfer method. The fat from other areas of your body will be removed by liposuction and will be injected to your butts, with the goal of adding projection and enhancing your butts. Liposuction can also be done to compliment the buttock implants surgery.

There are many benefits that can be attained from undergoing liposuction and buttock augmentation, one is getting the hourglass figure, a body shape that has large buttock and slim waist. This is the body type that is highly favored by many women, which can be achieved by undergoing butt augmentation and liposuction.

The butt augmentation is the procedure that will add volume and projection to the rear ends, and will make your booties shapelier, rounder, and voluptuous, while the liposuction will slim down your waist and contour your tummy by removing the stubborn fat pockets from the abdomen, sides, flanks, and love handles. Your body will appear perfectly sculpted, sexier, and contoured.

There are many plastic surgery procedures that cannot be performed in combination with buttock augmentation but whose outcome can be complimentary to the effects of buttock augmentation. It can only be done, however, 6 months after the buttock augmentation surgery. If saggy skin has developed in your abdomen, the tummy tuck is one of the best procedures you can opt to undergo after butt augmentation. The tummy tuck will remove the excess skin and fat from your abdomen area, in addition to repairing the abdominal wall muscle.

Breast enhancement procedures like breast reduction, breast augmentation, and breast lift can be conducted to compliment the effects of buttock augmentation, however, there is a need to wait for about a year after the buttock augmentation procedure.


Many are interested to know what other plastic surgery compliments with buttock augmentation. Of the numerous types of plastic surgeries available, the best combination is butt augmentation, which is an effective procedure to increase the size of your butts besides making it shapelier, toned, and sexier and liposuction, which is extracting fat from other areas like abdomen, sides, flanks and love handles. Combining liposuction with butt augmentation will help you achieve the hourglass body.

There are other procedures that cannot be performed together with butt augmentation but its outcome compliment the results of butt augmentation, like tummy tuck and breast enhancement procedures. You may choose to undergo these procedures after completely recuperating from the trauma of buttock augmentation.

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