Pros and cons for breast lipofilling

Pros and cons for breast lipofilling

24th Jan 2019

Pros and Cons for Breast Lipofilling


Breasts created by plastic surgery that are 100% natural? How is this even possible?

Well, the name of the procedure is breast lipofilling or fat transfer to the breasts and is commonly performed nowadays. Breast lipofilling is not really an alternative to breast implants as it doesn’t deliver similar results; however, it is a method to get breasts that are a little bigger, fuller and rounder and with none of the complications associated with implants.

The breast lipofilling technique is a method that uses fat harvested with the help of liposuction to add more volume to the breasts. The fat is collected from areas of the body with an excess of adipose tissue and then purified and grafted to the breasts. This means that to be eligible for the procedure, you need to have a surplus of fat tissue in one or multiple areas of the body that can be targeted with liposuction.

As is the case with any other plastic surgery procedure, fat transfer to the breasts has pros and cons, benefits and disadvantages.


Pros of breasts lipofilling

–   100% natural results

When this procedure is performed, the plastic surgeon only uses the patient’s own fat cells to augment the breasts. This ensures a natural result and also fewer complications compared to breast implant surgery. Moreover, the incisions performed are so small that it is difficult for the untrained eye to know that the patient ever got surgery to increase the size of the breasts.

–   A complete recontour of the body

When breast lipofilling is performed, the procedure starts with liposuction. This means that the plastic surgeon will contour one or multiple areas of the body with liposuction before proceeding to fat grafting the breasts. The areas treated with liposuction will have a better contour and the general appearance of the body is improved, aside from the augmentation achieved on the breasts.

–   Minimal risks

The procedure is associated with minimal risks and potential complications due to the fact that no external prostheses are used and the procedure is not overly invasive. Small incisions equal a lower risk of infection and excessive bleeding after surgery.


Cons of breast lipofilling

–   Limited breast size increase

For patients desiring to go from a B cup straight to a D or more, breast lipofilling is not the best procedure to choose. The increase in breast size is not overly significant when using the patient’s own fat tissue. Multiple sessions can be scheduled; however, if you want really big breasts, talk to the plastic surgeon about getting implants.

–   Sustainability of the results

To sustain the results of any type of fat transfer procedure including breast lipofilling, the patient needs to be committed to maintaining a constant weight. Weight fluctuations can alter the results of the procedure.



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