Pros and cons of buttock augmentation with implants

Pros and cons of buttock augmentation with implants

10th May 2017

Pros and cons of buttock augmentation with implants


There are many patients who have opted for a butt lift to enhance their gluteal area. However, buttock augmentation with implants still remains to deliver the most drastic and impressive results. Furthermore, the success rate of this procedure has vastly improved due to the newly discovered techniques and technologies, which is why more and more people undergo this surgery. The buttock augmentation with implants is now safer and more effective, bringing in better aesthetic results. Women with smaller and flatter buttocks can finally have a “bootylicious” derriere.

There are many patients who often ask plastic surgeons to provide them the best buttock implants. But unfortunately, the “best” or biggest implant does not suit all patients because it depends on their physical condition. It all comes down to the patient’s butt composition, dimensions, desired size and shape, aesthetic goals, and physical and mental health. Based on these factors, the butt implant can either be suitable or unsuitable to you.

The implant type best for you

The pros and cons of buttock augmentation via implants are different for each type of implant. So to start off, you can choose between a round and shaped implant. There are some surgeons though who customize the implants to the patient. Nevertheless, the most commonly used type is the round implant. There are a number of reasons why they sell like hotcakes; one being that it gives patients the most projection. Even surgeons prefer this implant as it gives them a greater deal of flexibility. If the implant slightly budges from its place, the appearance of the butt will not be affected. With this, the patient can have the beautifully rounded buttocks they have always wanted.

On the other hand, another option is the shaped, also known as oval, implants. Surgeons may choose this because they feel that will suit the patient’s body more. It basically depends on your surgeon’s judgment of your anatomy and goals. It is worth noting, however, that these implants are not used very commonly because of risks like implant rotation, displacement and shifting. While it does provide patients with an impressive shape, the risks may be higher than the benefits.

Pros of butt implants

  1. A patient who doesn’t qualify for the butt augmentation via fat transfer may qualify for the buttock implant surgery because it does not require you to have extra, unwanted fat in your body. This procedure uses butt implants to enhance your gluteal area, which generates even more impressive results than the fat transfer method.
  2. Unlike the butt augmentation via fat transfer, the results of the butt implant surgery are permanent. In the fat transfer procedure, your body may reabsorb the fat, reverting to your original buttocks. But with implants, you will not have to worry about this, especially since it is made of semi-solid silicone. This means that it also does not need to removed or replaced so lon g as there are no complications.
  3. Buttock implants are carefully placed in a way that it is separate from fat. By doing so, the results are sustainable and consistent because there is no danger of your body absorbing it.

The butt implants deliver impressive aesthetic outcomes. This is one of the main reasons why so many celebrities choose this procedure over the others. While the results may not appear as natural as the fat transfer, the shape of the butt will look amazing and the implants will remain undetectable.

  1. The full results of buttock implants are apparent relatively faster. Within a few weeks, you will be able to see and feel the difference it has made to your body.

Cons of buttock implants

  1. The results achieved with butt implants does not look that natural. While an experienced surgeon can try to deliver you the best results, the outcomes can be unnatural if an inexperienced practitioner performs the procedure. If you are looking for very natural results, then the butt implant surgery is not for you.
  2. Recovery after the buttock implant surgery requires a longer recuperation period. Because it is a major operation, you would be required to take plenty of rest and take about 2-3 weeks off work. It requires proper healing, and even minor carelessness can trigger major health complications.
  3. As compared to the fat grafting procedure, the buttock implant surgery involves excessive scarring. In order to place the silicone implants inside of the butt, the plastic surgeon places incisions on the buttocks. The incisions are relatively larger, which is why you will have large scars that may still be visible even after you have healed completely. The size of scarring depends on the size of implants being used.
  4. The buttock implant surgery is more expensive than other buttock enhancement surgeries. The cost of the implants normally adds more dollars to the bill.
  5. The risks, side effects and potential complications involved in the buttock implant surgery are greater than other butt augmentation procedures because this involves introducing foreign objects (i.e. implants) into your body.


Buttock augmentation with implants is one of the common plastic surgery procedures in the United States. It can deliver stellar results to women with flatter and smaller buttocks. Like all cosmetic procedures, this comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Patients should thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of buttock implants with the plastic surgeon before going through with the surgery. Just because you researched about it, it does not mean you already know what you are getting into. Remember, the pros and cons vary from patient to patient, so it is important to get your doctor’s opinion. In the end, you should only go for the surgery if you find that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

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