Pros and cons of silicone buttock implants

Pros and cons of silicone buttock implants

21st Apr 2018

Enhancing the curves of your body through a buttock augmentation procedure can be done in 3 different methods, the fat transfer method, buttock injections method and the silicone buttock implants method.

The silicone buttock implants surgery is one of the most popular procedures all around the world and it is achieved by inserting a silicone implant inside the muscles of the buttocks. This will give a very shapely result instantly.

There are many pros for opting for silicone buttock implants such as having permanent results, easy qualification criteria, easy customization and fast results. On the other hand, there are also cons such as unnatural looking buttocks, long recovery period, scars, higher health risks and the cost.

The success of the silicone buttock implant surgery is highly dependent on the surgeon who will be doing the procedure, which is why it is very important to do research and choose carefully. By taking a look at their credentials, reputation, and experience as well as meeting them in person, you can safely select one from the many plastic surgeons in your area.

Enhancing Your Buttocks

Plastic surgery offers a way for people to improve the contour of their body. One of the areas where surgery might be the solution is the buttocks. People who are not contented with the size and shape of their buttocks can undergo a buttock augmentation procedure. There are 3 ways on how to do this to wit: that is through fat transfer, buttock injections or silicone buttock implants.

Silicone Buttock Implants

The use of silicone buttock implants is a well-known solution for reshaping and resizing the buttocks. With this procedure, a small incision would be made so that the implants can be positioned under the gluteus maximus muscle. The surgery will give your buttocks an extra lift and a shapelier derriere that is permanent. Before you make your final decision whether to get implants or not, it is best to know the different pros and cons that this surgery brings.

Pros of Silicone Buttock Implants

There are many reasons why there are so many people who prefer to get buttock implants instead of the other two buttock augmentation methods.

Here’s why.

  • Results Are Permanent: One of the main reasons why people choose this method is because the results you get are permanent. The size of the implants won’t shrink once it is inserted under your muscles. Although you may see swelling after the surgery, once it has gone away, the results you see would be permanent for years to come vis-a-vis the Brazilian butt lift wherein the fat cells may die or be reabsorbed by the body when you lose weight.
  • Easy Qualification Criteria: Those who are skinny or those who don’t have much fat in their body can still augment their buttocks without having the need to gain some weight. Unlike the Brazilian butt lift that gets the fat cells from the abdominal area, you don’t have to have lots of fats to get the results you want. This procedure is great for those who don’t have enough fat to be transferred to their buttocks.
  • Customization Is Easier: The butt implants available can be easily customized to the size that you want. You are not going to be limited by the amount of fat that you have available, unlike those that go through fat transfer procedures. It is easier to choose the size you want.
  • Fast Results: The body heals at different rates but after the swelling, you can now clearly see the results. If you were to choose to go for fat transfer, you might need to gain more weight or fatten up a bit to achieve the plumpness that you are aiming for.

Cons of Silicone Buttock Implants

Apart from the pros, it is also important to know the different cons of silicone buttock implants. This helps you to know what to expect and to prepare for it. Some cons of the buttock implants are listed below.

  • Unnatural Looking: Having implants can easily be recognized because of the great shape that it gives you. If you are going for a more natural look or something that isn’t obvious, then this may not be the method for you.
  • Recovery Period Is Longer: The recovery period for this method is longer as compared to the other two methods because the incision made is larger. There may be a need to stay in the hospital for a day or up to three days but there are also other patients that can immediately be discharged after a few hours.
  • Scars Can Develop: Scars can develop on the incision site but the degree of scarring will depend on the body itself. Some may develop more visible ones while others don’t.
  • Higher Health Risks: This surgical operation has the largest size of incision among the other methods and with this comes more pain after the operation. There are also other health risks included such as bleeding, fluid accumulation, and capsular contracture.
  • Cost: This procedure is the most costly of all the three because it is a surgical procedure that is done by a team of professionals.

Surgeon Selection

Now that you are already familiar with the pros and cons of the silicone buttock implant surgery, you can now decide whether to go for it or not. In case you do, you must remember to make sure that you select the right surgeon. The price shouldn’t be your basis but the capabilities, reputation and experience of the surgeon who is going to operate on you. Remember that you are going to go through anesthesia and this is a surgical operation. Talk to multiple possible surgeons and choose wisely.


Plastic surgery contours and enhances your body’s curves. If you want to improve your buttocks area, it can be done through either of the three buttock augmentation surgery procedures, the fat transfer, the buttocks injections or the silicone buttock implants.

One of the most popular methods around the world today is through the implant surgery, which is done by making an incision and inserting the implants under the gluteus maximus muscle in the buttocks.

Many people go for implant surgery because of its pros such as permanent results, easy qualification criteria, easy customization and fast results. On the other hand, there are also some who think twice about it because of its cons that include looking unnatural, longer recovery period, scars, higher health risk and the cost.

The selection of the surgeon to do this surgery is very important in achieving successful results. It is important to choose wisely and take a good look at the surgeon’s reputation, credentials and experience as the basis of your choice.

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