Pubic area appears bigger after the tummy tuck

Pubic area appears bigger after the tummy tuck

13th Sep 2017

A tummy tuck surgery helps those who want to remove excess skin and fat on their tummy area. This surgical procedure results in a slimmer looking tummy without sagging skin. This is usually done to patients who have already lost weight and are at a stable weight. This surgery allows them to see the amount of fat that they have already lost.

After the procedure, the tummy will be flatter in appearance. However, before this happens, there will be swelling due to the cuts in the body. It can happen in the abdomen area at first, but it eventually settles down below to the pubic area due to gravity. The swelling is also caused by the accumulation of fluids. No need to worry since this eventually disappears on its own as it goes to the lymph nodes to be reabsorbed or removed.

Sometimes, the swelling does not easily subside because the cut has also affected the lymph drainage. In order to ease the swelling, lymphatic massage can be done. A lymphatic massage helps the fluid to go easily to the lymph nodes so that they can be removed from the area. Wearing compression garments is advisable as it also helps reduce the swelling.

In some cases, the large appearance of the pubic area may also be brought on due to the presence of an abdominal hernia. Those who have a rounded shaped abdomen may have weak abdominal muscles, which is why the abdomen is shaped that way.

During the surgery, the muscle will be tightened to help achieve a flat abdomen. However, there are cases where the patients’ muscles are not strong enough, thereby resulting in hernias. If this happens, the hernia can be repaired through a surgical procedure. In cases when the hernia is already present before the surgery, it should be repaired simultaneously with the tummy tuck procedure. If, however, the abdominal hernia is not visible or not noticeable before or during the procedure, and becomes obvious only after the wound has completely healed, another surgical procedure may be performed to repair it.

It is also quite common that the bigger appearance of the pubic area is simply due to the fat. Sometimes, patients do not notice how big their pubic area is because the abdomen covers it from direct view.

Some of those who undergo a tummy tuck also get a liposuction for their pubic area to ensure proper contouring. Others undergo liposuction of the pubic area, only after they have recovered from their tummy tuck procedure because they only realized, after seeing the results of the tummy tuck procedure, that they needed such procedure.

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