Questions to ask the plastic surgeon about breast augmentation

Questions to ask the plastic surgeon about breast augmentation

13th Mar 2018

Breast augmentation surgery is a topic that is often brought up in television and all over the internet. Most people are already aware of some of the details of the procedure, but at the same time, there are also a lot of myths and false beliefs associated with breast surgery. For the patient to be sure she is making the right choice in deciding to undergo breast surgery, there are some questions to ask the plastic surgeon about breast augmentation.

1. Will breast augmentation help me achieve my dreams?

The indication for one plastic surgery procedure or the other comes only after a thorough medical examination of the patient and discussing in detail her dreams and expectations. There are cases in which the patient will be surprised to realize that breast augmentation is not necessarily the procedure that will help achieve her dreams. This is often the case for women who desire to undergo breast augmentation with the hope that after getting implants, their breast sagginess will disappear. This doesn’t happen in a vast majority of cases, and chances are the plastic surgeon will recommend a breast lift with implants and not a regular breast augmentation.

2. How should I prepare for breast augmentation surgery?

Plastic surgery is not like going to the beauty salon for a change of hairstyle. Plastic surgery requires proper preparation well in advance. The plastic surgeon will give you a list of things that you need to do to prepare for breast augmentation surgery. The preparation often begins four to six weeks before the procedure is scheduled and includes getting ready physically by avoiding certain medication and natural supplements, getting ready emotionally, and also preparing the logistics of your recovery period at home.

An important thing to do in preparation for breast augmentation surgery is not to smoke as it can delay the recovery process and trigger severe complications. Also make sure to let your close friends and family members know what to expect after your return from the medical facility.

3. When can I resume work after breast augmentation surgery?

If you have a look at blogs and articles about breast augmentation surgery, you will notice that most specialists mention a recovery period of no longer than two weeks. So why is it important to ask your plastic surgeon this? First, all patients are different in terms of the healing process, and second, resuming work is highly dependent on the type of work you do. This means that in general, you can resume work after two weeks, but your plastic surgeon might advise you to take more time if your job responsibilities include demanding physical activities or you are an athlete. Make sure to clarify this during the pre-operative consultation to know exactly what to expect and how to schedule your downtime after the procedure.

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