Questions you should ask your surgeon during breast reduction consultation

Questions you should ask your surgeon during breast reduction consultation

26th Jan 2018

Breast reduction surgery can help women with overly large breasts get rid of the discomforts associated with it. The procedure is currently performed all over the United States with high success rates. As a result of undergoing breast reduction surgery, patients notice that they can benefit from increased functionality and a considerably improved aesthetic appearance after the intervention.

The first step to getting smaller breasts that are more in line with the rest of your anatomy is to schedule an appointment with the plastic surgeon. This initial meeting with the plastic surgeon is called the pre-operative consultation, and this is the time when you discuss all the details of the procedure and find out if you are an eligible candidate for it.

It is important to show up prepared for this consultation, and this is why we have made a list of questions you should ask your plastic surgeon during breast reduction consultation:

1. Am I an eligible candidate for breast reduction?

Your plastic surgeon will discuss your dreams and expectations with you, but also perform a physical examination and ask about current medication or allergies. Generally speaking, good candidates for the breast reduction procedure have fully developed breasts, an excess of mammary gland, and confronted with physical or emotional discomfort due to the large size of their breasts. Moreover, the patient should be in good health and emotional condition to be able to undergo the surgery.

2. What if I get pregnant after breast reduction surgery?

Many patients undergoing breast reduction surgery plan to have more children after the procedure. This is an important topic to discuss with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The breast reduction procedure will remove a part of the mammary gland, and together with it, a part of the milk ducts that are put to use when breastfeeding. This means that after breast reduction surgery, breastfeeding can be difficult or even impossible, especially if a new pregnancy occurs shortly after the intervention. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to wait at least one or two years after breast reduction surgery before getting pregnant again. Also, keep in mind that the aesthetic results achieved with the procedure might be compromised if an ulterior pregnancy occurs.

3. Do I need to take time off from work for the recovery period?

Breast reduction surgery is a complex procedure that entails a two-week recovery period for most patients. This means you need to take at least a week off from your regular activities and two weeks off from work to ensure you avoid complications and have a speedy recovery. After the procedure, the recommendation is to resume activities gradually and avoid any intense, physically demanding activities for at least a month after the intervention.

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