Quick guide to speeding up your breast lift recovery

Quick guide to speeding up your breast lift recovery

15th Oct 2014

A quick recovery is a common goal among our breast lift patients here at our practice. Although breast lift recovery is influenced by a wide variety of factors such as age, state of one’s health, skin elasticity, and lifestyle, there are certain measures than can be universally practiced to ensure quick recovery.

Aside from strict adherence to an individualized post-surgery plan, we encourage our breast lift patients to:

  • Avoid or quit smoking during recovery. Smoking significantly delays healing due to the nicotine’s ability to constrict blood vessels and consequently reduce oxygen supply to the surgical site.
  • Avoid the outdoors or protect the incisions from sun exposure if you really need to go out. Hyperpigmentation of the surgical site may result from unprotected sun exposure.
  • Stay in touch with your plastic surgeon regularly even though if you think there’s nothing you should be worried about. Follow-up visits are crucial to making sure that there is progress in your recovery.
  • Elevate your torso until the swelling in the surgical site subsides. You can choose to sleep on an inclined position  (probably at a 20-40 degree angle) by sleeping on a recliner or propping 2 to 3 pillows on your back.
  • Consume a low-salt diet. This will help reduce swelling which typically occurs in the surgical site for a couple of days.
  • Avoid activities that will most likely subject your breast to strong forces such as contact sports.

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