Reasons not to postpone breast reduction surgery

Reasons not to postpone breast reduction surgery

10th Jan 2020


In a vast majority of cases, plastic surgery is performed for aesthetic purposes. In other words, these types of procedures are performed with the aim of improving the physical appearance of the patient, and this is the reason why they can be performed technically at about any age. However, when it comes to breast reduction, it is not the aesthetic goal that is the most important. In many cases, women want to undergo the procedure to get relief from the pain and discomfort that is associated with breasts that have an excessive volume. The patient’s life can be significantly impacted by this issue, and the discomforts can be both physical and psychological. This is one of the reasons why breast reduction surgery shouldn’t be postponed.

An excessive size of the breasts contributes to the patient having an abnormal body posture and also back, neck and shoulder pain that is persistent. Breast reduction surgery shouldn’t be postponed when the impact on the patient’s quality of life is severe and felt on a daily basis. If the patient can’t perform certain physical activities without pain or intense discomfort, it usually means that the procedure should be performed as soon as possible.

Breast reduction can be performed on patients as young as 14 years old, exactly with the aim of helping them avoid long-term consequences that could become permanent. Breast reduction will make the breasts more proportional to the rest of their bodies, but also allow them to be physically active, engage in activities with ease and have a normal body posture. 

Some patients develop dermatological conditions on the inframammary fold due to the constant perspiration and friction in the area. There is no air flow in the inframammary fold, and hence these dermatological conditions can be difficult and even impossible to treat. If this is the case, then breast reduction should be performed as soon as possible and not postponed for longer.

Generally speaking, a responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will recommend patients to undergo plastic surgery only after they have reached a normal weight and sustained it for six months or more and when they know they don’t want to get pregnant in the future. Weight fluctuations and pregnancies that occur after plastic surgery can alter the aesthetic results. This is why it might seem strange to recommend breast reduction to a teenage patient. However, if the development of the breast tissue is extreme and the patient is confronted with different medical issues, it is better to have the breasts reduced as early as possible, even if their appearance might be affected later on when a pregnancy might occur. 


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